Subway Surfers

Brazil is on everyone’s minds this summer because of the football World Cup and this update to Subway Surfers takes you to Sao Paulo. There have been lots of updates to this app and if you are a fan, you’ll want to install this one on your iPhone. It is more of the same, but when the gameplay is pretty near perfect anyway, why change a winning formula?

The game was originally released in 2012, but v1.25.0 tested here was released on 19th Jun 2014. For those that have never played it, it is a never-ending running game with a 3D display and you run into the screen. The action takes place on a railway and your character is a bit of a hooligan, running along the railway tracks.

An inspector and his dog are chasing you and there is no stopping for a rest. You can run down the centre, left or right railway track and a thumb flick is all it takes to switch from one position to the other. There are both stationary and moving trains that must be dodged, tunnels to enter, platforms, and barriers that must be jumped over or ducked under. One-handed thumb flicks is all it takes to play this game.

Subway Surders . Subway Surfers

You don’t spend all your time on the tracks and you can run up strategically placed ramps and on to the top of trains, jumping from one to the other, even when they are moving. There are gaps in the carriages that you must jump and you can even fly through the air using a hover board or jetpack.

The aim is to pick up the numerous coins that are on the tracks, platforms and in the air. There are also special objects, such as footballs, magnets, and many moire items to be collected too.

Subway Surfers . Subway Surfers

This is a fast paced action game where you have to run, dodge and jump at lightning speed. You don’t die, but you do knock yourself senseless and the inspector catches you a lot at first, but persevering will improve your skills. Run into an object or train and there is an option to continue, but you can only do this so many times.

In this version you can join a weekly Top Run race and compete with against players from your country. You can add Edison, a Brazilian soccer kid, to your surfer crew, and boost your collection with the Banana board and outfits for Edison.

There are in-app-purchases, but it doesn't really spoil the fun if you just play it for free. Subway Surfers is maddeningly addictive and a game you can’t put down.

Title: Subway Surfers (US store / UK Store)
Price: Free
Developer: Kiloo
Size: 56MB
iOS: 5.0 or later
Rating: 5/5