Should you buy the latest iPhone? Is it worth upgrading? Here are the pros and cons for the undecided

Should you buy the new iPhone 8? What are the pros and cons? Let’s take a close look at all the reasons you might want to buy Apple’s new flagship iPhone and also why you shouldn’t buy it.

Don’t buy an iPhone 8 because...

  1. Your current phone is fine
  2. It won’t make phone calls better
  3. It won’t make Facebook better
  4. It won’t make WhatsApp better
  5. It won’t significantly make text messages better
  6. You probably won’t notice the extra performance
  7. You might not notice the photo improvements
  8. You will have much less money for other things

No-one ever said, “Aghhh! This iPhone 7 is awful.” In fact, it has been universally praised and it is one of the best mobile phones available. If you currently have an iPhone 7 then relax, you have a great phone that is still better than 100 other phones out there on the market. Few can beat the iPhone 7, so why would you want to change such a great phone?

Even if you have an iPhone 6s, that is still a fantastic phone and with Apple’s superb build quality, it is probably running fine. Why change a phone that is working perfectly well and has some of the best specifications around for one that is just slightly better?

The new iPhone will not make your phone calls significantly better. You dial, you talk, you hang up. What advantage could there be in swapping your current phone?

Two iPhones stacked one on top of the other
Your current iPhone is good enough, why replace it?

Do Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks not work on your current phone? They run just fine of course, and they will run exactly the same on the new iPhone. Apple’s latest device will not magically make Facebook, or any of your other apps, better.

If you are the sort of person that gets 100 WhatsApp messages a day, how will the new iPhone make this better? It won’t and WhatsApp will run just the same on your iPhone 7 or 6S.

Every new version of the iPhone improves the quality of photos, but no-one ever said “These iPhone 7 photos are garbage!” If they did, then it is probably down to your photo skills and not the quality of the camera on the phone.

Your current phone takes great photos and they are fine. If you are a photographer and want better photos you should be taking photos with a pro DSLR camera, not a phone.

The bottom line is that your current phone is good enough and it does everything you need. A new phone might be technically superior, but your everyday uses like calling, texting, checking social media and taking a few snapshots and selfies won’t be significantly better after spending $1,000 on a new iPhone 8.

Save your money for other things.

Why you should buy the iPhone 8

  1. You work hard, have a good salary and can afford it
  2. Buying the latest tech is your hobby
  3. You’ll be the envy of your friends
  4. It takes better photos
  5. It has a bigger and better screen
  6. It is more powerful and faster than ever
  7. You have an Android phone
  8. Your phone is old or broken

Tech is a hobby and an interest for some people and they simply like to own it. Having the latest gadget is what they love the most and there is a name for them, early adopters. These are the people that are first in the queue when a new gadget goes on sale and the fact that it is the latest cutting edge technology is enough reason to buy it.

Everyone has to have a hobby and there is nothing wrong with keeping up with the latest tech. Some people spend $1,000 on a golf club membership each year, so why shouldn’t someone who likes tech spend $1,000 on new smartphones each year? It’s a hobby and it is a lot of fun, so treat yourself to a cool new gadget.

Judging by the lengthy queues outside Apple stores each year, there are plenty of people that can afford new iPhones.

Owning the latest iPhone will, of course, make you the envy of all your friends and the centre of attention. As soon as they notice you have one (casually take it out of your pocket to check for notifications whenever there is anyone around), they will start up a conversation with you about it. They will also want to touch it and feel it’s size and weight in their hand.

Even complete strangers in the queue at the local coffee shop as you get it out to pay will stare at you. You won’t get that sort of attention from owning an Android phone.

Old iPhone
Time to replace it?

Every iPhone has taken better photos and has more camera features than the previous generation and this trend will continue for some time yet. Your photos will be crisper, sharper, more colourful than ever. Of course, this gives you another opportunity to show off your new iPhone to your mates.

Every iPhone has improved the screen technology and everything on the new iPhone looks far better than it previously did. Eye-popping colours, crisp text, amazing visuals. The new iPhone looks better than ever and although the last iPhone was pretty good, you deserve to treat your eyes to a better visual display.

Each new iPhone comes with a more powerful processor that can perform computing tasks much faster than previously, and graphics chips that make animations, video and games smoother and speedier than ever. You should have the fastest most powerful phone out there, so treat yourself.

Replacing an old, broken or Android phone is probably the best reason for investing in a new iPhone. You want the best, so make it a top of the range model that will last for years to come, or at least until September next year when it will be replaced by something even better!

If you are still using an iPhone 6, it is time to think about upgrading to a new model. The difference between the 6 and the 8 is like night and day because technology has moved on so much.

If you dropped your phone and cracked the screen, now is the time to replace it. Send the old one off to one of those recycling companies. They’ll give you money even for phones that are not perfect, even non-functioning, because they can sell the spare parts.

If you currently have an Android phone then you should try an iPhone. It is very different, but as millions of people will testify, it’s a great phone.

Will you get a new iPhone?