iPhone game reviews: 3 games for the iPhone are tested and found to be great fun! Take a break and play some games to relax!

Everyone needs a break for work and here are three great games for the iPhone that will keep you entertained for several hours. From dragons to puzzles to digging a mine, join in the fun.



Price: Free | By: Ankama | Size: 181MB | iOS: 7.0

Drag’n;Boom is a sideways scrolling platform game for the iPhone and iPad that is fast and fun, and it is reminiscent of some other great games.

The game is divided up into multiple levels and you control a tiny dragon that you must guide to the treasure chest of coins at the end of the level. The screen scrolls as you move left, right up and down and there are hills, bridges, forts, towers and other structures.

Controlling the dragon is a bit like Angry Birds. Slide your left thumb and let go to fire him in whatever direction you want. This can be along the ground or high up into the air.

Drag'n'Boom game for the iPhone

Slide your right thumb to spit fireballs at the little guys and animals that block your way. You can do both and fire yourself into the air and then spit fireballs on your enemy below. This has a slo-mo effect that is useful for helping your aim.

Tall towers and hills are negotiated by repeatedly firing yourself up.

There are coins in various places and you run through them to pick them up. In fact, it is a bit like Sonic The Hedgehog in places, collecting coins bouncing off enemies and so on.

The gameplay is excellent and the graphics are simple, but good. It is one of those games you start playing and then cannot put down.


Push & Pop

Price: Free | By: Rocky Hong | Size: 105MB | iOS: 7.0

Push & Pop looks like it is very loosely based on the classic game of Tetris, but at the same time it offers very different gameplay.

You are a blocky character sitting on top of a tower, which is based on a 5 x 5 grid. You are in the middle and around you a few blocks are scattered. You can get behind them and push them and when you make a complete row or column of of five blocks, they disappear. This reminds me a bit of Tetris where when you make a row it disappears.

 Push & Pop game app for the iPhone Push & Pop game for the iPhone

With each move you make, a new block appears in a random place, so you must constantly make rows and columns to clear the space or eventually all the spaces will be filled and you become trapped. The game is over when you are surrounded by blocks and cannot move.

It makes you think and it is sometimes hard to make rows of blocks, which makes you panic a little. It all depends where the next one appears and this is random. It is fast, frustrating fun and although the concept is very simple, it works well.


Pocket Mine 3

Price: Free | By: Roofdog Games | Size: 357MB | iOS: 8.0

Pocket Mine 3 is another game that reminds me of others I have played. I may be showing my age here, but this is basically a modern version of the classic arcade game Dig Dug.

It isn’t exactly the same, but the basic idea is the same. You are a miner with a pickaxe and you dig down into the earth below in search of treasure.

Sooner or later your pickaxe will wear out and you can only dig a certain number of times. Some blocks of earth are harder to dig than others and they wear out your tool quicker. As you dig, the screen scrolls up, so you must mostly head down and you can’t waste too much time digging horizontally.

 Miner 3 game app for the iPhone Miner 3 game for the iPhone

There are various explosive devices hidden in the earth, such as bombs and sticks of dynamite. They don’t hurt you when you swing your pick and blow them up, but they do blow away large amounts of earth and are great for clearing new areas.

There are monsters to attack and kill, valuable rocks and gems to find and chests to open. Collect all the loot and there are numerous upgrades that enable you to progress through to harder levels, such as better boots, a stronger pickaxe and so on.

This is a brilliant game with superb graphics. It is fast paced and super addictive. Digging holes can be really good fun!