If you are looking for gift ideas for someone with an iPhone, here are some great ones.

It is the time of year when there are great bargains to be found online and when family and friends are looking for gifts to buy for you. These brilliant iPhone accessories are perfect for anyone.

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Cell Phone Stand, Lamicall S1 iPhone stand

Do you place the iPhone on the desk next to your computer when you are working? It is a bit awkward to use in this position and the screen is at an angle while the buttons are hard to reach. It is best propped up on a stand.

This Cell Phone Stand is perfect for the iPhone, although it will fit a wide range of phones, and it holds it at just the right angle to make the screen easy to view.

The volume and sleep/wake buttons are easier to press compared to putting the phone on the desk.

The charger cable can be plugged in because there is space at the bottom, so you can top up the battery while the iPhone is in the stand. There are several variations of this stand, including an adjustable one. Add one to your desktop.



Mpow Car Phone Mount

The iPhone is so useful in the car with the Maps app to guide you to your destination, music, Siri and of course, calls, but where do you put it? Few cars are designed for holding the iPhone.

This is a car mount that has a super sticky suction cup on the base that means it can be attached to almost any flat surface, such as the dashboard of the car.

It is adjustable and has an arm that extends from 4.6in to 6.6in.

The width is adjustable and this enables most phones to be gripped securely by the dash mount. Sponge cushions keep the phone stable, but without marking it.

The head swivels through 360 degrees, so you can position it at just the right angle.



Maxboost Magnetic Car Mount

Now here is a clever idea - a holder for the iPhone or any other phone for that matter, that uses magnetism to hold it in place.

A thin metal plate is attached to the phone or a phone case and the magnetic holder is attached to any surface.

The magnetic mount is where you want the phone attached and then the phone is gripped tightly by magnets in the device. It easily swivels into any position.

This is actually a three-pack, so you can place holders in three different places, cars, your work desk and so on. There is also a selection of metal plates.

Be aware that this can interfere with wireless charging, so if you have a wireless charger for the iPhone, attach it to a case, then the phone can be removed from the case for charging.

Wired chargers are no problem of course.


NELOMO Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit

If you want to take more exciting photographs with the iPhone’s camera, this lens kit could be just what you are looking for.

It is a clip-on lens, so it works with all iPhones including the 6, 6S, 7, 8, X and Plus models (and some Android phones too).

The lens pack includes a Fisheye iPhone camera lens, wide angle lens, macro lens, lens clip, carrying case, and cleaning cloth.

The macro lens lets you take close-ups of objects that are just an inch or two from the lens.

The fisheye lens has a 230 degree view to produce fantastic images that are very different from the standard view.

Take fun photos, groups of people, landscapes and more. Your photos will stand out from the usual ones taken on a phone.