Your mission is to save the Earth from destruction by invadin aliens in these great space-based shoot-'em-ups for the iPhone.

Take a break and have fun with these fast paced games for the iPhone and iPad. They are all variations on a theme and it is your task to save the planet from destruction by alien invaders.


Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Price: Free | By: Doan Ian | Size: 193 MB | iOS: 8.0 or later

Galaxy Attack is a fast paced space-based shoot-’em-up. It is bright, colourful and very loud. Just what you want in this type of game.

You control a spaceship at the bottom of the screen and it can be dragged left, right up or down. It fire automatically and constantly, so the control amounts to just dragging it around the screen with your thumb, but it is more fun than it sounds.

Waves of alien ships appear in formations and follow paths around the screen. You need to get under them and let the automatic firing blast them to bits.

 Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter for the iPhone Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter for the iPhone

The aliens drop bombs on you and sometimes dive down the screen to get in your way or collide with you. Sometimes when you blow them up, they eject power-ups that float down the screen.

Collect them and it boosts your firepower, so instead of a single stream of missiles, you fire two or three at a time, sometimes spraying missiles out everywhere.

There are 60 levels to clear and the uisuall big boss aliens that you have to destroy. There are targets and achievements to earn and it is great fun. You can earn extra items by playing or by buying packs, and there are a few ads in the game. However they didn’t spoil the enjoyment.


Space Inversion 2 FREE

Price: Free | By: Merlin Lear | Size: 53 MV | iOS: 7.0 or later

If you are a fan of classic space invaders, you will like Space Inversion because the gameplay borrows a lot from it. It is more colourful and has more features, but is basically the same.

The invaders appear in a grid formation and work their way across the screen, dropping down a little when they hit the edge and reversing direction. You have a laser base at the bottom of the screen and can move left, right and fire. There are defense structures you can hide behind when the invaders drop bombs.

Space Inversion game for the iPhone

Shoot invaders and sometimes powerups float down the screen and collecting them might increase your firepower, add shields, slow down the invaders’ march across the screen and so on.

This isn’t just a colourful space invaders clone and between levels there are other games, such as an asteroid attack. Asteroids fall down the screen and you must dodge them and blast them to survive. Another between-levels game is a saucer attack where flying saucers fly around the screen and you must dodge them and destroy them.

Space Inversion for the iPhone

A couple of cheap expansion packs are available, but the game is fun to play as it is.


Space Cadet Defender HD: Invaders

Price: Free | By: SixHourSoft LLC | Size: 30 MB | iOS: 8.0 or later

Space Cadet Defender HD is yet another space-based shoot-’em-up that you won’t be able to put down. You control a ship at the bottom of the screen and waves of alien invaders appear on the screen.

Some levels are like classic space invaders, but there is much more variety of alien attacks. Sometimes aliens are in a grid formation, sometimes they swoop in and go round in circles, or they might come down the screen, slide across it and so on. There are attack multiple patterns and you never know what is coming up next.

Space Cadet Defender HD for the iPhone

As you play, you earn tokens, gold or whatever the things are. They can then be used to buy upgrades, such as increased fire speed, greater firepower, triple and quad shot. Shields can be added to your ship to protect it, boosters increase its speed, and your bullets can intercept enemy bullets.

In addition to the regular weapon, there is also a special weapon. This is better and it can seek out enemies for example, but it requires energy. Use it too often and it runs out, but you can top it up by collecting energy canisters that drop down the screen occasionally.

Space Cadet Defender HD for the iPhone

Apparently there are 150 levels, but they will take some time to complete.