The platform game dates back to the early 1980s home computers, but it can be just as much fun now as it was way back then. Atom Run is classic gaming with a new twist, it is fast, has great graphics and puzzles to challenge your skills.

Atom Run is a £1.99 / $2.99 / free game - the price varies. I grabbed a copy when it was free for a short time in the iOS App Store, which made it even more fun.

There is barely a story, but none is really needed because it is a straightforward challenge to your gaming skills. You control a silver robot that is inside some sort of building, perhaps a manufacturing plant with lots of equipment, and the aim is to collect all the atoms and molecules – tokens scattered about each level.

You must run as fast as you can through the building, jumping over crates that are scattered around, and avoiding contact with other robots that patrol in certain sections. There are lots of obstacles in your way, such as electrical beams that fry you if you touch them, there are pits of fire and glowing blue stuff that kills you on contact, spikes that impale you if you fall on them, spinning saws that slice you open, and much more. You'll die a lot to begin with.

Atom Run for iOS

In places there are elevators that raise you up or lower you down to new sections and sometimes there are several and you have to jump from one to the other at just the right moment or you will fall to your death. There are suspended girders and other equipment that you can jump on and these move across some pit of fire or other deadly area. There is also buggy you can ride in, a jetpack to fly around some sections, and even reversed gravity where you walk on the ceiling upside down.

The levels are very inventive and are a lot of fun. There are new challenges on every level and you appear to have unlimited lives. You pass waypoints and when you die, you go back to the previous waypoint rather than the start of the level. This makes it less frustrating and you can repeat a section until you get it right.

There are four unlocked levels and you have to earn four badges to unlock the next level, then earn 12 for the next and so on. There are three types of badge and one is a timer – complete a level under a set time and you earn a badge. There are tokens to collect and collecting all the tokens earns a badge. There is also a hidden molecule, a different shaped token, and collecting this earns a badge.

Atom Run

You can earn badges on any level in any order and this makes it less frustrating and more fun to play. You might find it easier to beat the time on one level than on another and earn a timer badge. You can also play a level slowly and collect all the tokens for a badge, then play it again ignoring most of them and getting a fast time for another badge. It is very flexible in this respect. It does get harder as you progress though and as more badges are required.

Atom Run for iPhone

I played Atom Run on the iPad, but it is also available for Android and the Apple Mac too. If you like platform games with lots of running, pixel-perfect jumps, jetpacks, elevators and traps, you will love this game.

Title: Atom Run (iOS App Store / Google Play Store)
Price: £1.99 / $2.99 / Free
Size: 78.6MB
iOS: 7.0 or later / Android: 2.2 or later
Rating: 5/5