Whether you have the latest recently released iPhone 6 from Apple or an older iPhone model, there are things you can do to reduce the storage requirements. Many people buy iPhones with only 16GB of memory because they are cheaper than models with more storage, and with no way to expand this, you have to figure out ways to save on storage in order to get everything into the phone that you want to use, such as photos, music, videos and apps. Here is one way to reduce storage requirements.

I like to have several news apps on my phone and when I have time on my hands with nothing urgent to do, such as when I am out at a coffee shop, I catch up on the latest news.

There are lots of great news apps for the iPhone, but apps take up valuable storage space and in many cases, the website is almost as good. These days websites are often very good on mobile devices with small screens like smartphones, so fire up Safari and go to your favourite news site. I always go to the websites of popular newspapers here in the UK.


If the website works well on the iPhone, tap the share button at the bottom of the browser window and the sharing options are displayed. Tap Add to Home Screen.

News app

This saves the website icon and URL, and you can edit the name if it is too long (it usually does need shortening).

News bkkmark

Tap Add and the icon is added to the home screen or wherever the next available space is.

News app

I usually press and hold a news icon until it wobbles, then drag and drop one on top of another. This creates a folder and you can name it News.

What this does is basically no different to creating a bookmark. Bookmarks are useful, but you have to start Safari, go to the bookmarks, find the one you want, select it and wait for it to load. Having icons on the screen looks fantastic and one tap goes straight to the website. It is more convenient.

All the icons in the screen shot above are saved bookmarks, except the first two. A bookmark takes up no space at all, so you save a lot of storage space by using them. Bookmarks do not run in the background, they do not update, and they do not consume battery power when not being used. This means that they reduce data usage and increase the battery life.

However, bookmarks cannot display notifications of breaking news stories. The first two icons are proper apps and this means that the latest stories appear in notifications and can be seen by pulling down from the top of the screen.