The iPhone Stocks app is one of Apple’s favourite apps and it has been on the home screen for many years. It even comes preconfigured to show Apple’s share price when the app is started. Is anyone else bothered though? Not only is Stocks on the home screen and cannot be deleted, it also appears in the Today screen in the newly released iOS 8. Fortunately, it can be deleted from there even though you cannot entirely remove the app.

If you are interested in share prices, there are lots of great apps that can do far more than Apple’s. So it is a mystery why Apple forces it on everyone. They might love looking at share prices every few minutes at Apple, but I don’t.

Pull down from the top of the screen and there are two tabs. One is Today and the other is Notifications. The Today screen can show a variety of items, such as the weather forecast and calendar events.

Down at the bottom of the Today screen is an Edit button. Tap it and a list of apps that display information is shown. Tap the red minus icon next to Stocks and the Remove button appears on the right.

Stocks . Today screen

Remove the app from the Today screen and it does not disappear. Instead it just moves to the bottom of the list and has a green plus button next to it. Inactive apps are displayed like this at the bottom of the list. It is very hard to see, but it says DO NOT INCLUDE above them.

Today screen . Today screen

You might wonder how to configure apps to display information in the Today screen. Actually, there are no configuration options. If you install an app from the store that has the ability to show information here, it does so. All you can do is choose whether to include it or not. If an app does not show up here then it does not have that capability built in.