Remember Flappy Bird? It was an infuriatingly simple, yet maddeningly difficult game that was incredibly addictive. It was nothing really and could be knocked up in an afternoon by a reasonably competent programmer. 2 Cars is similarly exasperating and its simplicity, difficulty an addictiveness will appeal to Flappy Bird fans.

The game is so simple that it could be written by almost anyone and it is really the game concept that the developer came up with that is the clever part.

A car is at the bottom of the screen and you drive up, well actually the screen scrolls down towards you. There are two lanes and you can tap the left one or the right one to switch. The aim is to run over the circles in the road and avoid the squares. The car crashes if you hit a square and you get one point for each circle.

Now that does not sound very difficult or very interesting, but what makes it super hard and super addictive is that there are two cars. Controlling one is easy, but when there are two, somehow my brain cannot cope.

Trying to watch both at the same time is so difficult it drives me nuts. Should you use one finger or two thumbs? You will need to develop a technique. The first time I played I scored 1. A few tries later and I was up to 6, a few minutes later the score was 10. How on earth are people scoring 5,000 in Game Center? It seems impossible.

Drive two cars avoiding squares and running over circles sums up the game and there is little else. There is music on/off, Game Center high scores (I played it on an iPhone), and lots of adverts. The ads are not ones you can ignore and if you keep the game it is best to pay the $1.99 in-app-purchase to remove them.

2 Cars app . 2 Cars app

2 Cars is a great game for people that like simple and fiendishly difficult challenges. It runs on iOS and Android and is definitely worth trying.

Title: 2 Cars (iOS App Store / Google Play Store)
Price: Free
Developer: Ketchapp
Size: 14.7MB iOS / 9.9MB Android
iOS: 6.0 or later / Android: 2.3 or later
Rating: 4/5



-1 # Hoshi 2015-01-14 17:49
5000 can be achieved surely with 2 players on the same screen, but would still take time to do it ...
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