iOS notifications

Some people have been experiencing an odd problem on the iPhone with iOS 8 - phantom notifications. What happens is that a notification sound is heard from the iPhone, but when the phone is checked, there is no notification. The chime can occur throughout the day and night with no obvious cause, but there is a solution.

The problem is partly a configuration problem, but there is also something strange happening in iOS 8 too. I had it on my iPhone and it was annoying because frequently a few minutes into listening to music there would be a notification sound spoiling my enjoyment, yet there was no notification.

The solution is to go to Settings, Notifications. Go to the DO NOT INCLUDE section and tap each app in turn. For some reason, even though they are supposed to be disabled as you can see with Netflix in the top screen shot, some are still enabled like this:

Notifications in iOS

In this case, the notifications are still enabled, but fortunately no sound has been set. Some people have found that Sounds is turned on in addition to Allow Notifications. Go through all the apps you don't want notifications from and switch everything off, even apps in the DO NOT INCLUDE section.

The other cause of phantom notifications with a sound but no message is Mail. In my case I have three email accounts in Mail. I only want notifications from one of them and the other two are disabled. Or so I thought.

Tap Mail in Notifications and each email account can be configured separately. Tap each one and you may find, as I did, that one or more accounts is set to play notification sounds, but not to display notifications. It is possible to have the main Show in Notification Center switch set to off, but a sound is still set to play. Set the sound to None.

Sort out the notifications settings and those phantom sounds will go away.