There are many farming games and many city building games for iOS and Android. Township takes elements from both types of games and blends them into something familiar, but also slightly different. It is not pure farming or pure city building and you get to do a bit of both. I have been playing Township on the iPad for the past week, although an Android version is available too.

You start off with a small farm and a few buildings. It is the beginnings of a small town and as the game progresses, the size of the farm and the town increases. As you play, you progress through the levels and with each one there are more buildings to construct, more land to buy, and more industries producing a greater range of goods.

There are fields in which you can plant wheat, corn, sugar cane, carrots, cotton and so on. These must be harvested when they are ready and they are stored in the barn. A chicken coop has chickens that lay eggs, a sheep farm produces wool, and a cow shed has cows that produce milk.


A feed mill takes the crops and produces bags of feed for the cows, chickens and sheep. The animals need to be fed in order to continue to produce more milk, eggs and wool. Another factory produces bags of sugar from the sugar cane.

A bakery takes wheat, sugar and eggs to produce bread, cookies and bagels. A dairy factory takes milk and produces cream, cheese and butter. A textile factory takes raw cotton and wool to produce fabric and yarn. A tailor shop turns fabric into shirts and yarn into sweaters.


All these industries are interconnected and sometimes raw materials are taken by one to produce an intermediate product in another and a final product in a third.

Excess crops, milk, eggs and wool can be sold directly for money that can be used to purchase more buildings, factories, houses, post offices, hospitals, fire stations, roads, decorations and so on.

Most of your money comes from fulfilling orders from customers. There is an airport and as orders come in, if you have the goods, you can send them in the helicopter and earn money. Orders are often for multiple goods, so you need to produce a bit of everything and keep the factories supplied with raw materials to keep them running.


A train arrives at the station and requests goods too. This can be filled up and sent on its way. It returns with building materials like bricks, glass, nails, and so on, which are required in order to complete the construction of certain buildings.

The graphics are excellent and there is some good cartoon-like animation. There are sounds effects from the animals and other things which adds to the atmosphere. Some games of this type have long periods between events, such as planting seeds and harvesting crops, but in Township there is always something to do.


Township has a mixture of short and long term activities so you aren’t sitting around waiting for something to happen, but for impatient players there is an option to buy instant finish speed-ups. You could end up spending a lot, but the game is still fun to play without paying anything at all.

Price: Free
Developer: Playrix
Size: 101MB
iOS: 5.0 or later
Rating: 4/5