iOS app reviews, tips and features - iPhone and iPad

iPhone game reviews: 3 games for the iPhone are tested and found to be great fun! Take a break and play some games to relax!

Everyone needs a break for work and here are three great games for the iPhone that will keep you entertained for several hours. From dragons to puzzles to digging a mine, join in the fun.

How to prepare an iPhone or iPad for an iOS upgrade by clearing space and making sure there are backups.

iOS 11 is a major upgrade for the iPhone and iPad and no doubt soon after will come service packs. Will the upgrades proceed smoothly without hitches? Yes if you follow these top tips.

Spot phishing emails on your phone and learn how to tell them from real emails and what to do with them, and what not to do!

Online accounts are becoming harder to hack, so hackers are using phishing emails to trick you into revealing login details. Here is a guide to spotting phishing messages on your iPhone.

Should you buy the latest iPhone? Is it worth upgrading? Here are the pros and cons for the undecided

Should you buy the new iPhone 8? What are the pros and cons? Let’s take a close look at all the reasons you might want to buy Apple’s new flagship iPhone and also why you shouldn’t buy it.

Put your to-do lists in the iPhone with Microsoft To-Do. This free app can even suggest all the things that you need to do today.

Microsoft has a lot of productivity applications on the iPhone and iPad and many are good, like To-Do, which is part note taking app and part To-Do list that could be just what you need.

iPhone games are great for when you need to take a break and relax. Here are some fun games you should keep on your phone for those occasions.

These games may feature cats and balls, but not as the same time! Super Phantom Cat is a platformer and in Rolling Path you control a ball. Both are free and are great fun on the iPhone and iPad.

Top tips for better Netflix streaming on your iPhone or iPad. How to create profiles, download shows, choose the quality and more.

Is netflix the best it can be or do you sometimes have problems when watching TV shows and movies on your iPhone or iPad? Get the best from Netflix with these top tips.

Notes can be shared between iPhones and Android phones. Share shopping lists, work lists and information, and more. Let's all work together!

Sharing notes can be very useful in certain circumstances, such as with your partner or family, work colleagues and so on. Here's how to share an iPhone note with an Android phone user.

Step by step guide to sharing a note from the Notes app on the iPhone with another iPhone, iPad or Mac user. Invite others to access notes.

Sometimes it is useful to share a note or checklist with a partner, family or work colleague and you can do this on the iPhone using Apple Notes. It is very easy, so let’s see how to do it.

Top tips and tweaks to solve connectivity problems on the iPhone. Can't access the App Store on your iPhone? The solution is here.

What can you do if Facebook cannot connect? What if you can’t access the App Store? What if Maps won’t get the maps? No email? Solve connection problems on the iPhone with these top tips.

If you are running short of online storage space on iCloud, these top tips show what to do on your iPhone to free up space, reduce backups and online usage.

iPhone and iPad owners have access to Apple iCloud online storage and it has many uses, but you may find yourself running short of space. Here’s how to get more online storage space for free.

Share your Google Photos library wioth a partner so they can see your photos. It's great for couples and families for viewing each others photographs.

Google Photos offers unlimited storage for photographs shot on your phone and now it also enables you to share your photo library with people you trust. Here’s how to share your photos.

Remove stress and bad vibes, think smarter and calmer. Relax with these free meditation and mindfulness apps for the iPhone. Chill out!

Are you calm and relaxed or stressed out? Is your job or life in general driving you crazy? These iPhone apps help you practise mindfulness and meditation to achieve a calmer state of mind.

The iPhone is a great phone, but is it perfect? There are some annoyances that sometimes get on our nerves, but these tweaks will fix them.

The iPhone is practically perfect in every way, surely there can't be irritations and annoyances? Yes, the iPhone is a fantastic phone, but it isn't quite perfect. It just needs these tweaks.

The floor is lava! Quick jump on something! Now you can play this daft game on your iPhone too. Here are three free apps to play this addictive game.

The floor is lava! Quick, jump onto something or you’ll be burned alive! It is an imaginary scenario that can be fun and it is brought to life in these free iPhone games. Check them out.

Use your iPhone to monitor your biorhythms and see your physical, emotional and intellectual cycles. Are they real or just for fun? Try these apps and see!

Do you monitor your biorhythms? Do you know how or even what they are? There’s an app for that as they say, but are they useful tools or simply pseudoscience? Let’s take a look at 3 free apps.

Create multiple email accounts and multiple email signatures in the Mail app on the iPhone. Choose the default email and more hot Mail tips.

The Mail app on the iPhone can handle multiple email accounts and you can see messages from many accounts in one place. See how to use one signature or custom signatures for each account.

Don't get stung by phone bills, monitor your mobile data usage with free iPhone apps

Your mobile phone plan has a monthly or daily data allowance. Use these three free apps for the iPhone to monitor your cellular data usage and alert you when you near the limit. Avoid bills!

Here are the best iPhone and Android phone apps for backpacking. Make sure they are on your phone before you set off on your travels

Most travellers agree that the best way to explore a new location is to make the most of the advice coming from the locals or people who travelled there before.

Save web pages to OneNote notes using the iPhone when you find something you need to keep. Grab the whole page in the desktop view and add your own notes. View pages later on the phone or computer.

Have you tried Microsoft OneNote on the iPhone and ipad recently? It has had a makeover and it now has a new look and feel. Here’s how to save complete web pages to your OneNote notes.