iOS app reviews, tips and features - iPhone and iPad

WunderStation for iPadThere are many weather forecasting apps for the iPhone and iPad, and although they may look different, they mostly have the same information. WunderStation for the iPad is different and fascinating.

Phone Doctor Plus iconThe iPhone and iPad are just black boxes. You switch them on and they just work, except on those occasions when they don't. Then you are struggling to find out what the problem could be because there is little information. The solution is Phone Doctor Plus.

HolidayToday's smartphones mean you are never unreachable and people can call, send text messages, send instant messages, and email you. anytime anywhere You can be on a beach lying in the sun and still be in touch with work contacts, friends and so on. Don't forget the away message though...

We all know that we should watch our spending and be careful with our money, but somehow this never seems to happen. Here we see how to monitor your spending and income with Pocket Expense Personal Finance for the iPhone.

Unlocking your iPhone should be easy, but sometimes the security gets in the way and it can be very irritating. There are ways to make it simpler and less irritating. Basically, you have been unlocking your iPhone all wrong till now.

Does time pass by and at the end of the day you wonder where it has all gone to? You had work or tasks to do, but somehow you never got round to them? The solution is 30/30, a free iPhone app for organising your time.

If rumours are right, Apple Pay is about to go live in the UK real soon and is perhaps just days away. (It may already be live by the time you read this.) This may have been a big deal in the US, but here in the UK we have had contactless payments for ages and I see no reason to switch to Apple.

It is a mystery why after all these years there still isn’t an iPad version of Instagram. It is only available for the iPhone, which is really irritating. Fortunately, there are alternatives and Padgram is one of the best, and it is free.

Sworkit Lite is a great fitness app for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. You can get fit for free in just five minutes a day. You know you need to get some exercise and lose a few pounds, so let Sworkit guide you.

Fallout Shelter is one of the latest games to be highlighted by Apple in the App Store and it is (or was) an Editor’s Choice. The app has very quickly gained popularity and looks like a must-have game for your iPhone or iPad.

The iPhone’s camera does not have as high a resolution as some phone cameras, but it does take excellent photos and the camera app has some clever features. Here are some you may not have discovered.

The fitness and health sections of the app stores for iOS and Android are extensive and cover a wide range of topics. There are lots of Yoga apps and it is hard to choose the right one. Daily Yoga should be on your shortlist.

Remember Ping? Don’t worry if you don’t because few people have heard of it these days. A few years ago it was Apple’s attempt to create a social network based around music artists. Now it is back with a new name as part of Apple Music.

The Pomodoro technique is an interesting and useful way to organise your day and by using it you can get more done in less time. Download a Pomodoro app for your iOS device and work smarter and faster today.

Space, memory and data usage are the three key system functions that you must monitor on your iPhone and iPad. The question is, what is the best way to do it? Here is a great free widget that does the job nicely.

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend at work? Do you really spend as much time as you think you do at the gym? Which friend do you visit the most? Chronos for iPhone can answer all these questions.

If you have played games like DomiNations on iOS and Android, you should check out Space Ape Games Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin. It has a similar theme, but there are significant differences and its gameplay will have you hooked.

Every phone has an alarm function and it is one of the basic features of the device. You would not describe it as fun, entertaining, or even slightly interesting and they are deadly dull. AlarmMon makes alarms exciting.

If you have an iPhone or iPad you probably use the iTunes Store app to buy music and the Music app to play it. However, this is not the only way to buy and play music on iOS devices. There is an alternative.

If you like the sort of game where you build a city, train troops, build an army, then go and battle other players, you should add Dominations to your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet.