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Viewing web pages on a mobile phone is sometimes a frustrating experience, but Reader view on the iPhone and iPad helps to remove the clutter. customise the colours and fonts for a better view.

If you are a fan of MMO (massively multiplayer online games), you have a lot of choice and it is a popular genre. Three top games for the iPhone and iPad are tested and there are winners and losers.

Chromecast is a dongle from Google that plugs into your TV and enables you to watch videos, listen to music, view photos and more. It is designed for Android phones and tablets, but it works with the iPhone and iPad too.

Haypi Co. specialises in MMOGs (massively multiplayer online games) and in Haypi Adventure: Kingdom of Glory you join an online world with thousands of others, battling for supremacy.

Apple Maps is used three times as often as its nearest rival, Google Maps, and after a shaky start, iPhone and iPad users now seem to love it. Perhaps it is the one feature it has that Google doesn’t.

Remember the hit game Crossy Road? The creators have another in their portfolio called Shooty Skies. It has a similar design and it is fast, infuriating and a lot of fun. It is also free.

The Notes app on the iPhone and iPad received an upgrade with iOS 9 and it is now better than ever. You can store almost anything on notes from maps to web pages. Here’s how to store anything in Notes.

Apple News has been available in the US since iOS 9 was launched on September 16th, but it has only just come to UK users because of the recent iOS 9.1 update. In the meantime Google Play Newsstand has been available. Which is best?

Right from the start, Apple decided that the iPad was to be a single-task device and you could run only one app on the screen at a time. This all changed with iOS 9 and you can have two apps side by side.

Combo Quest is one of those games that are incredibly simple, yet additive and challenging. It is more than challenging, it is downright hard, but it remains fun to play and it is free.

Wi-Fi Assist is a new feature in iOS 9 on the iPhone that potentially could improve internet access for apps and services. However, it comes at a cost and it could, in fact, cost you real money. Is it worth it?

Have you noticed anything different about the keyboard in the recently released iOS 9 for the iPhone and iPad? The keys switch between lowercase and uppercase. If you prefer the keyboard the way it used to be, you can restore it.

Apple has struggled to compete with its internet services, but the situation is getting better and iOS 9 now provides an iCloud app that you can use to access your files and folders. It is hidden, but you can unhide it.

3D tank battle games date back to Atari Battlezone in 1980 and that original game was a classic. Iron Force for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices is even more exciting. If you like this type of game it is definitely one to add to your collection.

WunderStation for iPadThere are many weather forecasting apps for the iPhone and iPad, and although they may look different, they mostly have the same information. WunderStation for the iPad is different and fascinating.

Phone Doctor Plus iconThe iPhone and iPad are just black boxes. You switch them on and they just work, except on those occasions when they don't. Then you are struggling to find out what the problem could be because there is little information. The solution is Phone Doctor Plus.

HolidayToday's smartphones mean you are never unreachable and people can call, send text messages, send instant messages, and email you. anytime anywhere You can be on a beach lying in the sun and still be in touch with work contacts, friends and so on. Don't forget the away message though...

We all know that we should watch our spending and be careful with our money, but somehow this never seems to happen. Here we see how to monitor your spending and income with Pocket Expense Personal Finance for the iPhone.

Unlocking your iPhone should be easy, but sometimes the security gets in the way and it can be very irritating. There are ways to make it simpler and less irritating. Basically, you have been unlocking your iPhone all wrong till now.

Does time pass by and at the end of the day you wonder where it has all gone to? You had work or tasks to do, but somehow you never got round to them? The solution is 30/30, a free iPhone app for organising your time.