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Scanners are useful gadgets for turning paper-based documents into computer files such as images and PDFs. The problem is that sometimes you could do with a scanner, but you don’t have one. For example, you may be out and need to scan a document or a receipt and the only scanner you have is back at the office or at home. What can you do? TurboScan for iOS devices is one possible solution.

Apple has just launched a new version of the iPhone 5c and you can now save £40 off the price off the standard model. Yes, that's pounds and not dollars because, for the moment anyway, this model is only available to purchase in Europe. It is in the Apple UK store right now.

Apple has released a new update to iOS and version 7.1 adds some new features and updates a bunch of existing ones. If you haven't already installed this update for your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings, General, Software Update and grab yourself a copy. Not only does it add features, Apple says it is faster on older hardware like the iPhone 4, which is welcome.

Everyone who has an iPhone will be familiar with the Messages app on the iPhone, but did you know that it can send instant messages over the internet, and SMS and MMS messages over the phone network? How do you know which typer of message you are sending? Will it cost money to send a message to someone? Here’s how to find out.

How would you rate the iPhone's camera app? On a scale of one to ten, what score would you give it? Seven, eight? How about three or four? It takes photos, it has flash on/off/auto, it displays a grid of thirds and has HDR (high dynamic range) on/off. That's it. If you are serious about photography using your iPhone you should consider a more powerful camera app that has more features.