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Share your Google Photos library wioth a partner so they can see your photos. It's great for couples and families for viewing each others photographs.

Google Photos offers unlimited storage for photographs shot on your phone and now it also enables you to share your photo library with people you trust. Here’s how to share your photos.

Remove stress and bad vibes, think smarter and calmer. Relax with these free meditation and mindfulness apps for the iPhone. Chill out!

Are you calm and relaxed or stressed out? Is your job or life in general driving you crazy? These iPhone apps help you practise mindfulness and meditation to achieve a calmer state of mind.

The iPhone is a great phone, but is it perfect? There are some annoyances that sometimes get on our nerves, but these tweaks will fix them.

The iPhone is practically perfect in every way, surely there can't be irritations and annoyances? Yes, the iPhone is a fantastic phone, but it isn't quite perfect. It just needs these tweaks.

The floor is lava! Quick jump on something! Now you can play this daft game on your iPhone too. Here are three free apps to play this addictive game.

The floor is lava! Quick, jump onto something or you’ll be burned alive! It is an imaginary scenario that can be fun and it is brought to life in these free iPhone games. Check them out.

Use your iPhone to monitor your biorhythms and see your physical, emotional and intellectual cycles. Are they real or just for fun? Try these apps and see!

Do you monitor your biorhythms? Do you know how or even what they are? There’s an app for that as they say, but are they useful tools or simply pseudoscience? Let’s take a look at 3 free apps.

Create multiple email accounts and multiple email signatures in the Mail app on the iPhone. Choose the default email and more hot Mail tips.

The Mail app on the iPhone can handle multiple email accounts and you can see messages from many accounts in one place. See how to use one signature or custom signatures for each account.

Don't get stung by phone bills, monitor your mobile data usage with free iPhone apps

Your mobile phone plan has a monthly or daily data allowance. Use these three free apps for the iPhone to monitor your cellular data usage and alert you when you near the limit. Avoid bills!

Here are the best iPhone and Android phone apps for backpacking. Make sure they are on your phone before you set off on your travels

Most travellers agree that the best way to explore a new location is to make the most of the advice coming from the locals or people who travelled there before.

Save web pages to OneNote notes using the iPhone when you find something you need to keep. Grab the whole page in the desktop view and add your own notes. View pages later on the phone or computer.

Have you tried Microsoft OneNote on the iPhone and ipad recently? It has had a makeover and it now has a new look and feel. Here’s how to save complete web pages to your OneNote notes.

Zombie alert! The undead have taken over and only you can help! Kill Shot Virus is terrific fun and a blast on the iPhone and iPad.

There is no need to fear the walking dead when you’re armed to the teeth and in Kill Shot Virus your task is to clear the streets and buildings of the zombie hordes. iPhone app review.

Get help when writing text messages and emails by using the Look Up function on the iPhone to get dictionary definitions, Wikipedia entries and more.

The iPhone has more features than you probably realise and when typing in text messages, emails and other text, there are tools at your fingertips that help to improve your writing, like this one.

Scan documents with the OneDrive iPhone app and store them online. Scan receipts, business cards and more with the OneDrive app. Step by step guide.

With the latest Microsoft OneDrive app for the iPhone you can scan documents, receipts and business cards and upload them to your online storage with just a few taps. Use this step by step guide.

Review: Empires & Allies for the iPhone and iPad is a pretty near perfect strategy war game that will have you hooked from the start. Build your base and army and enter the battle.

Empires & Allies is an addictive build and battle game for the iPhone and iPad that puts you in charge of constructing a powerful military base and army, and then saving the world from the bad guys.

Use a free money manager app on your phone to keep track of your spending and stick to budgets. Here are 4 to choose from

Are you always short of money before the next pay day? Does your budget run out half way through the month? These free money managers for the iPhone can solve your finance problems.

How do you delete books from your Kindle library using the app on your phone? The answer is here. Clean up your Kindle library and remove unwanted apps

Do you read books using the Kindle app on your phone? Have you ever tried to delete a book you didn’t want? You can’t, but you can using the method revealed here. Clean up your Kindle library.

Check out the new features in the latest version of iOS. There are new settings and options to master

Have you upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 10.3 yet? You should do because it fixes a long list of bugs and security flaws, and it also adds some new features. Here’s what you need to know.

These allternative ebook readers are better than Apple iBooks app in many ways. Free apps, free ebooks and more!

Apple bundles an ebook reader with the iPhone and iPad and it is good, but it also has limitations and there are alternative apps for reading ebooks that offer a variety of benefits.

Save photos and videos from Instagram to your iPhone Camera Roll to watch later with the help of these free apps.

There are some brilliant photos and videos on Instagram, but how do you save them? Saving content to your phone to view later requires extra tools. Here are two that will do the job.

Put Google Maps traffic information on the iPhone Today screen and avoid traffic jams

You are about to set off on a car journey and you are worried about traffic jams. What do you do? Pull your iPhone out of your pocket and check the lock screen for traffic updates. Here’s how.

Six weight loss apps for the iPhone are tested. Which is best for losing weight and keeping weight off? The answer is here

Few people can say they would not benefit from losing a few pounds of excess weight. Your iPhone can help and here are 6 great apps to help you lose weight through diet and exercise. All are free.