iOS app reviews, tips and features - iPhone and iPad

Save photos and videos from Instagram to your iPhone Camera Roll to watch later with the help of these free apps.

There are some brilliant photos and videos on Instagram, but how do you save them? Saving content to your phone to view later requires extra tools. Here are two that will do the job.

Put Google Maps traffic information on the iPhone Today screen and avoid traffic jams

You are about to set off on a car journey and you are worried about traffic jams. What do you do? Pull your iPhone out of your pocket and check the lock screen for traffic updates. Here’s how.

Six weight loss apps for the iPhone are tested. Which is best for losing weight and keeping weight off? The answer is here

Few people can say they would not benefit from losing a few pounds of excess weight. Your iPhone can help and here are 6 great apps to help you lose weight through diet and exercise. All are free.

Use the Photos app to write, draw, mark up photos on the iPhone using the markup tools

If you thought the Photos app on the iPhone was just for browsing your photographs, take another look. It has some great tools for sketching, highlighting, adding text, and painting on photos.

Turn your phone into a scanner and scan documents and receipts with the best scanner apps for iPhone 2017

Scanners are available for your computer, but sometimes you aren't in the office or at home and you need to save a document, receipt or other printed item. In these cases you can turn your iPhone into a scanner and save to PDF files.

11 tips to increase iPhone security. Make it harder for thieves ad hackers to access your iPhone

Is your iPhone or iPad as secure as it could be? It probably isn’t and here are the top methods to increase the security and privacy of your iPhone. How many of them are you using?

Watch slideshows of your favourite photos on your phone by sending them to the big screen TV in your lounge

Who prints out photos these days? We shoot photos on our phones and there they stay. Why not show them off to friends and relatives as a slide show on your big screen television? It’s brilliant!

Customise the Safari share buttons in iOS on the iPhone and iPad. Put your favourite share links first

Do you share or save interesting web pages when browsing using Safari on the iPhone? Make it simpler and easier to share your web finds by customising the Safari share icons that appear on the menu.

3 racing games on test for the iPhone and iPad. Monster trucks, high powered racing cars and other vehicles. Race through the city, desert and countryside

Wheel to wheel action and crazy courses are featured in the three racing games on test. These iPhone and iPad apps are brilliant, entertaining, and challenging for anyone that likes racing games.

Is 2017 the year in which smartwatches really take off? New developments are under way to tempt you

New Android Wear watches are on the way, while Apple begins discounting some Watch models. All this means that 2017 could be a good time to consider buying a smartwatch if you haven’t already taken the plunge.

Sir David Attenborough is a broadcasting legend and for anyone that loves to watch wildlife programmes on the TV, this iOS and Android app has his 1,000 best wildlife clips. It is absolutely stunning!

Use the new features in iOS 10 to create fun responses and animations in Messages

Phone apps and the operating system are constantly changing and it is easy to miss new features and functions. Here are some great new additions to the iPhone Messages app. Do you know them all?

Use the accessibility setting on the iPhone to zoom in and out of the screen

If you sometimes find text, links and buttons on the iPhone’s screen too small for comfort, use the zoom controls on the iPhone to temporarily make them larger. Here’s how to do it.

The Google Keep app is a fine tool for storing notes and it has a feature you might not be aware of. You can add it to the iPhone’s Today screen and record voice notes with a swipe and a tap.

Sleep apps for your phone can help you to relax, meditate and get a good night's sleep

Listening to music or relaxing sounds is a great way to drift off to sleep at night and ensure you get a good rest. You will wake refreshed the next day. There are some excellent sleep apps to help you snooze.

Mindfulness, meditation and relaxation - here are some great iPhone apps to help you unwind

Stress is a killer and anything you can do to relieve the tension in you can have health benefits. You need to relax and fortunately there are lots of apps for your phone that can help. Here are three.

Smartphones and tablets have become a growing need for a society from kids to adults; one can’t imagine a life without one. We are in a habit of using smartphones almost every minute of the day.

Fix sound and earphone problems with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with these tips

Problems with the iPhone and sound from the speaker or headphones / earphones are not common, but they do occur. Here are some suggestions for fixing the fault and get your iPhone working again.

Three games for you to play on your iPhone and iPad. Dan The Man is the Game of the Week! |

Are looking for new challenges on your iPhone or iPad? Here are three great games you should take a close look at. They have everything from skateboarding to alien invasions and ninja warriors.

Top tips for using Safari on the iPhone and iPad - now you can share links with friends!

There are so many different taps, swipes and other gestures on the iPhone and iPad that it is hard to remember them all. Here are some tips for using Safari that you should definitely commit to memory.