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Get the best apps for your phone for planning trips, journeys and holidays

With 2017 just around the corner, now might be the best time to take a break from the daily grind and travel. Sure, you might know where you want to go, but do you know how to get there and which sightseeing hotspots can help you make the most of your trip?

Prepare your iPhone and iPad for an iOS update by clearing storage, updating apps, and freeing up space

Upgrading your iPhone or iPad to the next generation of iOS or even just a minor point increment requires preparation. Are you prepared? Here is what to do before you upgrade your iOS device.

3 great games for the iPhone and iPad that you probably haven't heard of before. Check them out |

There are lots of great games for the iPhone, but finding them isn’t easy. To save you the time and effort, here are three top games that are free and entertaining. Take a break and have a play.

Check the health of your phone or tablet using Phone Doctor Plus by running a battery of tests |

Phone Doctor Plus is a utility for iOS and Android that tests the hardware to ensure the phone or tablet is working properly. Version 4 on iOS was recently released, and it’s free for a limited time.

Ninja Volleyball 2X is an Android and iOS app in which ninjas play volleyball. In addition to the usual volleyball action on the court, there are also ninja special moves to add to the entertainment.

The Pokemon Go phenomenon is sweeping the world -

If the question was raised six months ago that Pokemon Go would become a bona fide sensation for public and would change how technology in the form of games app development will interact with real life environment, it sure would have seemed a fantasy.

PDF to Excel converter app for iPhone - take PDF files and turn them into editable Microsoft Office documents -

PDF is the standard file format for distributing documents, but it is not always the best or the most convenient one. What if you want to edit data or analyse it? Just convert it to Excel on your iPhone!.

How to get started in mobile app development -

Would you like to create your own app for mobile devices like phones and tablets? Do you long to become a programmer? Marina Cherednichenko has some advice for those just starting out or thinking about starting.

Improve your photography with Microsoft Pix for the iPhone

Every smartphone has a built in camera app and some of them are very good, but how good are your photographs? Could they be better? Microsoft thinks so and it has the iPhone app to make it happen.

Arma Mobile Ops for the iPad - a modern warfare game

Arma Mobile Ops is a modern warfare game for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. It puts you in command of an elite army and with a mission to destroy the enemy wherever they may lurk. Will you survive?

Microsoft Ink enables you to write and draw on the screen on your iPad

Microsoft wants you to draw with ink on your iPad and Android phone and tablet. Ink is a hot new technology from the Redmond company and it is now in the Word, OneNote and other Office apps.

Dream City: Metropolis is where you can practise building businesses and manufacturing - iOS and Android

Dream City: Metropolis is a free city building app for iPhone, iPad and Android that is very entertaining. Warning: Its gameplay is highly addictive and it is an app you cannot put down.

Empires of Sand city building and tower defence game for iOS and Android

Empires of Sand TD is a free game for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices in which you build a city and battle all comers. It sounds familiar, but there are some clever twists to the story.

3 recipe apps for iOS to keep you busy in the kitchen

If you are stuck for ideas in the kitchen and don't know what to cook, here are three free iPhone apps packed with mouth-watering recipes. You can find a meal for every occasion and time of the day.

Steppy Pants is a great game for the iPhone and iPad. Walk down the street, but don't step on a crack or you'll fall and break your back!

Steppy Pants is a brilliantly simple game that is possibly the most fun you will have on your phone for some time. It is maddeningly frustrating, but highly addictive and it’s a winner!

OneNote on the iPhone - check out the new features

Apple Notes is not the only notes app on the iPhone and Microsoft OneNote is pretty good. Are you keeping up with the latest OneNote tweaks and additions? Here are tips for photos and fonts.

Download radio stations to your phone for listening offline

When you want to listen to streaming radio stations on your iPhone, but don’t want to run up large data bills the best solution is to download them and save them for offline listening.

A new look at the latest version of Apple News for iPhone and iPad

Apple News for iOS has been around for some time now and it has been tweaked and seen a few minor updates making it better than the original launch app. Let’s take a fresh look at it.

Fingers or thumbs will do when securing Notes on your iPhone with a fingerprint

Do you store personal information in the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad? Are there notes you would rather people didn’t see? Make those private notes extra secure by locking them with a fingerprint.

Play tennis on the iPhone and iPad with One Tap Tennis

iOS app review: One Tap Tennis is a brilliant game from Chillingo that takes you on a world tennis tour, playing match after match. Can you win the tournaments and beat all opponents?