Weather forecasting apps are very popular and quite rightly so. We all want to know if it will rain or be sunny, but which one is best? Here is one that will take up as little space as you want or fill the whole screen with information.

There are dozens of weather forecasting apps for Android phones and tablets, and choosing one for your device is difficult because there are so many good ones. If you need some help choosing, I recommend Weather Live with Widgets Free.

This can be run as an app only when you tap it, but it comes with no less than eight different widgets for your home screen that display the weather forecast in a variety of different ways. You can see some of them here.

Weather Live . Weather Live

There are two widgets in the first screen shot on the left to demonstrate the different sizes. The bottom square one is 2 x 1 and the top circular one is 4 x 3. The biggest widget is 4 x 4 and is on the right above. That is just three of the eight different widgets you can choose from and they vary in the information they show.

The app works out your current location and you can define additional ones if you want to see the weather forecast in other parts of the country or the world.

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The information displayed varies with each widget and on the full one you can see the real temperature and what it feels like taking into account the wind chill factor. It shows today’s minimum and maximum too. Below the clock in the centre is the wind speed and direction.

There are four slots, two either side of the wind indicator, and you can choose what to display here from humidity, sunrise, pressure, chance of precipitation (rain), wind chill, visibility, sunset, dew point, moonrise and moonset. These are selected in the settings. It would be nice if you could swipe through all of these and perhaps this is a feature that could be added in the next version.

Weather Live . Weather Live

In the lower part of the screen in the full fat widget is a mini weather forecast over the next eight hours. There is an icon to indicate sun, cloud, rain and so on, and the temperature. Below that is a mini forecast for the next eight days, shown four at a time and you swipe to view them all.

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If you run Weather Live as an app, it displays its own backgrounds and there are some nice images. They show the time of day, so you get a dark image at night, a sunrise and sunset at the start and end of the day and so on. They also show cloud, sun, rain and so on – reflecting the current weather. The images are great. As a widget, it sits on top of whatever wallpaper you set for your home screens.

There are adverts in the free app, but they can be removed if you want to pay for the app.

This is one of my favourite weather apps and the amount of information that can be displayed is excellent. The wide range of widget types is also one of its best features and whether you want a small or large one, square or round, there is a widget to suit.

TitleWeather Live with Widgets Free
Price: Free
Developer: Apalon Apps
Version: 3.6
Size: 23MB
Android: Not specified