Most people could do with losing a little weight and getting fit, but cannot seem to keep to our diet or exercise regime. Sticking to them is easier with a coach and this is where Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach can help.

I have been running the app on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Android phone, but there is an iPhone version that has a slightly different name: Pacer - Pedometer plus Weight and BMI Management and Blood Pressure Tracker. It is the same app though and both are free.

The home screen shows the number of steps you have walked today. Well, that may not be quite true. It shows the number of steps taken with your phone in your pocket. If you are the sort of person than always carries your phone everywhere then it will be accurate, but if you do some exercise and don’t take your phone with you, such as swimming, there is an option to manually enter it. You select from a list of activities and you can enter the start time and duration.

The home screen shows the number of calories burnt today during exercise, the amount of time you were active and the miles walked. A mini chart at the bottom of the screen shows the times you were most active during the day.

Activity tracker  Android activity tracker

Your target is to take 10,000 steps each day. What is odd is that you can take part in lots of activities, such as an hour furiously peddling a bike and burn lots of calories, but your target is still 10,000 steps

The app can use GPS to track your walks and it displays the usual information such as the date, time, distance, duration and pace. The route is displayed on a map and stored in your activity history.

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Your weight can be entered into the app and you can manually add it every time you weight yourself, such as daily. A target weight can be entered if you want to slim down, and a target date on which you want to achieve it. It then works out how many pounds per week you have to lose and comments on how hard this will be.

Your current weight and target weight is displayed on a chart. As you lose weight, you can see on the chart that you are heading towards your target and this will spur you on to try harder.

More charts show the number of steps taken and calories burnt every day over the past week. There are also monthly and six monthly charts too.

Activity tracker  Track your activity

A goals section enables you to add goals you want to achieve and they are all related to your health. For example, you could add Drink More Water, No Soda, Eat More Vegetables, Eat More fruit, sleep for eight hours, No Alcohol, and so on. You might want to achieve some every day, but others can be weekly and there is an option to set the number per week.

After building a list of goals, you check in to record that you have achieved them. You can see other users of the app that have checked in - no details, just whatever username they have invented for themselves. Friends can be added by entering their username and the app can link with Facebook.

Reminders can be set to log weight and exercise, meet weekly steps targets and so on.

In some ways the app is very good and tracking your weight and activity can encourage you to lose a few pounds and get more exercise. The charts are good for showing your progress over time. It focuses a bit too much on the number of steps taken each day. Some days I will walk a lot, other days I will go to the gym, but the gym days look like I have not met my exercise target because I have not walked so many steps.

Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach has some great features and it encourages you to lose a few pounds and become more active. It isn’t quite perfect, but it isn’t far off if your preferred form of exercise is walking and you will find much to like in this app. If you prefer other forms of exercise then there are better trackers.

Title: Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach 
Price: Free
Developer: Pacer Works
Size: 9.2 MB
Version: 2.6.10
Android: 4.0 and up
Verdict: Good for tracking walking and weight.