There are many apps for cleaning up the junk in Android and boosting the speed and if you are lucky enough to have a Samsung Galaxy S6 there is even one built in. What about other Android phones? Here are two useful apps.

Why does Android have so many speed boosters and clean-up apps? Is it really bad at managing apps, storage and memory? Why does iOS not need them?

One reason why these apps are so common for Android is because Google’s operating system is more open and accessible to app programmers. Apps are able to access features, functions and parts of the system that Apple prohibits. Apple doesn’t like apps that mess with the system, which is why you see few, if any, similar tools in the iOS App Store.

There is also a wider range of Android phones and some have limited memory, storage and processing power. Apple on the other hand, only produces top of the range high specification devices. This means that Android users need these apps more than Apple users.

Two apps that are worth looking at are Z Speed+ | Junk Cleaner, Boost, and Clean Master Lite | Speed Boost. Both are similar products and they are both free.

Z Speed+

This app is a fairly small one that uses just 12MB of storage when installed, which is important when you are trying to free up storage space on your phone. The home screen is split into two parts and at the top is RAM. The percentage of memory is displayed and the amount used and free is shown. The bottom part of the screen has the storage and again there is the percentage used, and the used and free figures in gigabytes.

The two large memory and storage percentages are buttons and tapping them goes to the details page. The memory screen shows see the apps that are running and the amount of RAM they are using. The list is ordered by size so you can easily see the apps using the most memory. Apps can be ticked/unticked and the boost button tapped to clear the memory.

An unexpected feature here is the CPU temperature display. The idea is that apps running in the background make the processor work hard and the option to freeze them lets the phone cool down.

 Z Speed  Z Speed

Tapping the storage percentage button ion the home screens goes to the storage details screen. A large graphic shows the storage usage and you can select photos, music, documents, apps and others to see how much storage space is being used.

The Junk Files button on the home screen cleans the storage and apps are listed along with the cache sizes. Apps can be ticked/unticked and there are some you might want to keep, such as offline maps in the Maps app. A clean button enables all selected apps to be erased to free up the space.

Z Speed+ has another unusual feature and it can try to disable bundled apps. Some phones have a lot of these and it lists all the preinstalled apps on the phone. These can be selected and then prevented from running.

This is a nice clean-up and memory boost app. It has plenty of options for configuring notifications, it can freeze apps to cool down a hot phone, and it can perform a Smart Boost when you switch off the screen.

Clean Master Lite

Cheetah Mobile makes the incredibly popular Clean Master app that has had over half a billion downloads. Cleam Master Lite is similar in some ways, but it is designed to be smaller and simpler. It is around 12MB installed, so it is a lightweight app that doesn’t use too much of the resources you are trying to recover.

The top half of the home screen shows a number and there is a large boost button. It isn’t clear what 78 points means, but the meaning of the Boost button is obvious and easy to use.

The bottom half of the screen shows the memory used and junk files found. Tapping Junk Found shows the cache usage and the memory that can be recovered. The memory section can be expanded to show all the apps and services in memory and each item can be ticked/unticked to indicate whether it should be kept or cleaned. In addition to this, in the app settings you can add apps to an ignore list so they are not cleaned. There is a simple Clean Junk button at the bottom of the screen to clean both the selected items in memory and the caches.

Clean Master Lite  Clean Master Lite

Tap Memory Used pm the home screen and the CPU temperature is displayed. Fahrenheit is the only option, but not all parts of the world use it. It would be useful to have a Celsius option. Tapping CPU Cooler enables apps to be stopped, which means less work for the CPU and it should cool down.

There is an App Standby function and this is able to force unused apps to hibernate. Some top end phones do this anyway, but for those that don’t have this feature, Clean Master Lite adds it. The app can kill apps when the screen is switched off and it can notify you of certain conditions, such as high CPU usage, low space and so on.

Clean Master Lite is a good app with the basic features you need in a clean-up and booster tool.


The two apps are very similar and perform almost exactly the same functions. However, Z Speed+ is slightly more configurable and it has more features and options. This makes it more attractive to people that like to fiddle with the settings. Both apps do the job well, but Z Speed+ is preferred.

Title: Z Speed+ 
Price: Free
Developer: Zero Team   
Version: 1.22.3
Android: 2.3 and up 
Title: Clean Master Lite 
Price: Free
Developer: Cheetah Mobile   
Version: 1.5.8
Android: 2.3 and up