Clean up utilities can be useful on some phones, but they are not needed on every phone. The reason is that your phone might already have a clean-up tool built in. How does it work?

Sometimes phone manufacturers customise Android and add their own features and apps. Sometimes they are actually useful! Bloatware that cannot be removed from your Android smartphone can be irritating, but if you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 then there is a useful clean-up tool built in.

Smart Manager Provider is a useful tool that Samsung bundles with its top of the range phones. Unlike other bloatware, this app is actually quite good and if you are lucky enough to have it then third party clean-up tools are not so desperately needed. You can live without them and just use Smart Manager Provider.

To open this tool, go to the all apps screen and tap Smart Manager (the name is shortened under the icon). We have looked at the battery monitoring facility before, so let’s move on to Storage.

On the home screen you can instantly see how much storage is used and how much is free. This phone’s storage is just a bit less than half full.

Smart Manager Provider  Smart Manager Provider

Tap the Storage tile and you can view the details. Tap the DETAIL button and there is a breakdown of the storage usage and this shows the system memory, used space, miscellaneous files and so on. Tap each of these and you can see what is actually using the space, such as apps, photos or music.

There is a DELETE button in the Unnecessary data section and tapping it deletes caches, adverts and other files to free up space. It seems a bit conservative in its clean-up operation and alternative apps seem to find a bit more junk to clean.

However, Smart Manager Provider is adequate and it boosts the storage. You might then be able to take a few more photos or add another app,

Tap DETAIL in the User Data section and the storage usage is broken down in to categories including images, videos, audio and so on. Tap any of these sections to view a list of files that are using the most storage space. You can then select the files you want to remove and then deleted them.

If the Applications section is opened, a list of apps is displayed along with the amount of storage they use. A tick box next to each app enables it to be selected and then all selected apps can be uninstalled.

It is easier to uninstall apps in bulk from here than to go through the phone’s Settings app and to uninstall a bunch of apps individually.

Smart Manager Provider  Smart Manager Provider

Smart Manager Provider is not the world’s best storage clean-up tool, but it is good enough and it seems to do the job. Look for this app on your Samsung phone and use it to keep the storage optimised. It saves having to install a clean-up app.