There are lots of battery managers in the Google Play Store and it is a popular category. Is this because it is easy to write battery-saving apps or because lots of people need them? It is probably a bit of both. Battery Doctor is one example of a battery extender that is very popular, with millions of installs.

As is usual with these types of apps, there is the option to analyse the system and this displays a list of apps that are running in the background. They can be stopped to prevent them from draining the battery.

There are options to adjust the screen brightness, turn off Wi-Fi and GPS, set a short screen timeout and so on. The big button in the centre of the screen enables you to analyse and optimise the system. Pulling down from the top shows icons that enable you to turn off unused functions.

There are several features that make this app more useful than many rivals and one is the Saving Mode. There is the current mode, Your Mode, Super Saving, and Silent mode. There is also an option to create your own custom mode. With this and you get to choose which power saving features you want, such as data on/off, Wi-Fi on/off, Bluetooth on/off, vibration on/off, screen brightness and so on. This is more flexible than predefined battery saving plans, which might not suit some people.

Battery Doctor for Android

Even better is the scheduling and you can say which times of the day a particular mode is to be used. For example, you could set Super Saving, which turns almost everything off, between 11pm and 7am when you are asleep. This prevents it from running flat overnight on the table next to your bed. It’s annoying when you wake up in a morning and the battery is at 10% and there isn’t enough time to charge it before you have to set off for work.

Battery Doctor for Android

You could create a mode for work and set it to 9am to 5pm and so on. The phone will then switch to the selected modes at the set times. It does mean that power saving options are not on all the time, but that can be too restrictive.

Battery Doctor for Android

Another great feature is the whitelist for apps that aren’t to be killed. Battery savers that just kill everything can stop useful apps from running, so Battery Doctor enables you to whitelist five apps that will never be killed.

Many apps automatically start when the phone is turned on and Battery Doctor lists them all. You may not need all of them and they just waste memory and processing power. Battery Doctor lists auto-starting apps and it allows you to prevent them from running, which is very useful.

The phone can be switched to another mode, such as Super Saving, at whatever battery level you like. Set it to 10, 15, 20% or something similar and it will extend whatever life is left in the battery.

Title: Battery Doctor (Google Play Store)
Price: Free
Developer: Cheetah Mobile Inc.
Size: 4.7MB
Android: 2.1 or later
Rating: 5/5



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