Sworkit Lite is a great fitness app for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. You can get fit for free in just five minutes a day. You know you need to get some exercise and lose a few pounds, so let Sworkit guide you.

Sworkit Lite - Personal Workout Trainer App for Daily Circuit Training Workouts and Exercise Routines, which must be one of the longest app names in the store, is basically a collection of exercises that are organised into four categories: Strength, Cardio, Yoga and Stretching.

There isn’t any registration, no user account to create, and no personal details required. You can just dive in and start exercising straight away (check with your doctor that it’s OK first though).

Select one of the four exercise categories and a list of workouts is presented. In the Strength category for example, is Full Body, Upper Body, Core Strength, and Lower Body. There are more if you pay for the Pro upgrade, but there is a lot in this app for free.

 Sworkit Lite exercise app  Sworkit Lite exercise app 

After selecting the workout you want, you can choose the length. The minimum is five minutes and the maximum is an hour. You can start off with five minute workouts and extend them as you become fitter and stronger.

All the workouts use the same format and there is a brief five second video demonstration of an exercise and then you join in with the person on-screen. A countdown timer ticks off the seconds and you must keep going for 30 seconds. An audio commentary lets you know when the next exercise is about to begin and what it is. This repeats for the duration of the workout – a five second demo of the exercise, 30 seconds of exercise, then on to another exercise.

The Cardio workouts section has Light Warm Up Cardio, Full Intensity Cardio, Plyometrics Jump Cardio, and Boot Camp. Yoga workouts consist of Yoga Sun Salutation, Yoga Full Sequence, Yoga for Runners, and Pilates. Stretching workouts include Head to Toe Warmup Stretch, Full Body Stretch, Standing Only Stretch, and Back Strengthening.

 Sworkit for iOS  Sworkit Lite exercise and fitness app 

I used the iOS app and it can read and write data to the Apple Health app, recording your workouts, calories burnt and weight.

This free app is advertising supported, but they don’t get in the way and you get a lot of content for free. I found the exercises to be quite hard and you need a certain basic level of fitness to do just a five minute workout. Can you do 30 seconds of sit-ups followed by 30 seconds of press-ups, followed by... and so on.

Although each exercise is short, they just keep coming one after the other. There are many different types of exercise, so you train every part of your body, and the short duration means you don’t get bored. The workouts are pretty intense and, if you can manage them, they will certainly get you fit. If you want an app that will lead you through a series of exercises and work you hard, Sworkit Lite is perfect.

Title: Sworkit Lite 
Price: Free
Developer: Nexercise
Size: 80 MB
Version 3.5.6
iOS: 7.0 or later