Sitting at a desk all day is not good for you and too many people spend too much time sitting down. To keep yourself fit and to fight the flab you need to be more active. Even if your weight is OK, your muscles will weaken if you spend too much of the day sitting. Argus is an app for the iPhone that will help you to track your activities and get fit and healthy.

This free app for iOS has an unusual display when it is started and it shows various bits of information in colourful hexagons. There is the current calories burned, steps taken, mini weather forecast and day and date.

It is just an overview and the main screen shows the number of minutes you have been active today. You don’t need to do anything and the app works in the background monitoring your activity. It knows when you are sitting down or whether you are doing some sort of activity.

Argus automatically counts steps, but there is an option to turn on run detection and this enables it to automatically monitor your running workouts too. It shows the steps taken, active time, distance travelled and calories burned. There are a couple of activity bar charts that show activity over time.

Argus  .  Argus app for iOS

Activities can be manually added, such as a workout, food eaten, water drunk, sleep, boxing, cycling, horseback riding, hot yoga, a bottle of beer, a can of energy drink and many more. So the app records some activities automatically and you add others yourself.

With activities like running, cycling and some others, you select the activity and it monitors your position and speed by tracking you with GPS. This is similar to the way that a dedicated running and cycling app works. Argus isn’t as detailed as some of the top running and cycling apps, but it is good enough for most people.

Argus can connect to a few apps and devices, such as a Pebble smartwatch, Bluetooth heart rate monitor, Jawbone, FitBit and others. These apps and device make it easier to monitor your activities, heart, weight and so on, and reduces the amount of information you must manually enter.

Argus  .  Argus app

Social networking is built in and you can share your activities. A Discover section lets you see what other people have shared, such as healthy meals they have eaten, walks, runs and cycle rides they have completed, and so on. You can add comments, like posts and follow people.

The social side of it can help and seeing people eating healthy food and performing various activities can help you to find the will power to do good things yourself. I’m not normally a fan of social networking in these types of apps, but the Discover feed in Argus is inspirational and is a benefit.

I like Argus and have barely scratched the surface so far. It is good the way that it works in the background and it doubles up as a running and cycling app. I have used Moves in the past and found it to be an interesting activity tracker, particularly on Android (which doesn’t have Argus) and linking it to Microsoft HealthVault, but this is slightly different. 

Title: Data Usage (Apple App Store)
Price: Free
Developer: Azumio
Size: 46MB
Requirements: iOS 8
Rating: 4/5