There are many new features in iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 and one interesting one is the Today screen widget. Pull down from the top of the screen and there are two tabs – Today and Notifications. On the Today tab is calendar appointments, reminders, stock market information and so on. Apps are now able to insert widgets into this Today view to add extra features and a couple I have been trying lately add the weather forecast.

There is a weather forecast entry in the Today screen by default, but it only gives today’s weather and not tomorrow’s or the day after. It says things like “Sunny currently.” That’s not helpful. I can look out of the window and see if it is sunny or raining. What you want to know is what it will do later, tomorrow, the rest of the week and so on.

Widget and Weather Radar Widget and Thermometer apps for iOS 8 do this and it very different ways.

Widget looks great in the App Store and when it is run, it gives you a choice of several different weather displays that can be shown in the Today screen. The interface is not intuitive and you swipe through the different weather displays to select the one you want, then you tap the icon in the top right corner, then pull down from the top apply it to the Today view.

Weather Radar

I love the graphics and different displays, but the weather is all wrong! I don’t know whose weather it is showing, but it is not mine and it is rarely anything like reality. Weather apps are pretty intelligent these days and they automatically work out where you are in the world and automatically show the weather for that area. Widget does not do this automatically and I cannot find any way to set it manually.

If you want to see lovely displays of random weather forecasts, get this app. If you want to see what the weather is like today and for the rest of the week then forget it. This app did not work for me.

Weather Radar Widget and Thermometer does actually show the right weather. The main difference between this app and Apple’s weather forecast is the animated map of your local area. A small thumbnail image is shown in the Today view and tapping it opens the full screen app with a much larger map. There are three levels of zoom, so you can show a small area around your current location or a broader picture with more of the country around you.

The map is animated both in Today and in the app itself, and it shows rain clouds moving across the country and it is easy to see areas of bad weather. The app has a proper forecast with icons to show sun, clouds, rain and so on. It shows tonight, morning and afternoon, then daily forecasts for several days ahead. It shows pressure, wind speed, rainfall, sunrise and sunset. It isn’t the best weather forecast app, but it is free and it works on the Today view.

Have you found a good Today screen weather forecast?