Make accessing iCloud files quicker and easier on the Apple Mac

Create shortcuts to open iCloud Drive faster and see all of your iCloud files on the Apple Mac.

If you use iCloud Drive to store files and need to access them quickly there are several ways to make it slightly easier and a tiny bit quicker. Add quick access icons to Finder and Dock.

Why I switched from Google Drive to OneDrive on my Mac

Microsoft OneDrive and Google Backup and Sync apps for the Apple Mac compared.

There are many online storage services, including iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box and others. After using Google Drive for years, I'm switching to OneDrive - here's why.

Agenda is a smart alternative to Apple Notes with more features

If you need more features than Apple Notes provides, Agenda for macOS is a great alternative

There is no shortage of note taking apps and the Apple Mac comes with a great one built in. However, there are some fantastic alternatives and Agenda is one you should definitely consider.

Mac apps to help you uninstall software completely in macOS

Two apps for the Apple Mac to help you uninstall apps properly including all their associated files.

Dragging apps to the Trash on the Mac will remove an app, but it will not remove all of its associated files. They remain on the disk adding to the junk and clutter. These tools can delete them.

Manage your iPhone on a Mac with AnyTrans, an alternative to iTunes

If iTunes is not to your liking, there are alternative apps such as AnyTrans

Not everyone likes iTunes and while it is very simple, some people say it tries to do too much and has become bloated. AnyTrans is an alternative that gives you more control and features.

Convert unplayable videos to a playable format with this online tool

It is possible to convert videos from one file format to another at the KeepVide website.

There have been many video file formats over the year and some odd ones on certain devices. If you have unplayable videos on your Mac, KeepVid is a free online tool that can make them playable.

Apple iCloud is not an online drive, so what is it? iCloud explored

If you are confused by iCloud Drive on the Apple Mac, this explains everything you need to know

Apple says that iCloud is not an online drive, even though you can store files on it. There are significant differences between iCloud and Google Drive for example. Here’s what you need to know.

Recover lost files on your Mac with Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Mac Data Recovery scans disks for deleted files and can recover them. App review.

No matter how careful we are, sometimes files go missing. Whether they are on the Apple Mac’s internal drive or an external one, Mac Data Recovery might be able to restore them for you.

How to use the macOS zoom feature and why you might need it

Enable the zoom feature on the Apple Mac and use it for extra fine control of the mouse cursor.

Apple’s MacBook retina displays are the envy of the industry and are capable of very high resolutions. If you like working in high res, learn how to use the zoom feature for fine control.

How to find and delete duplicate files on your Mac’s disk

Scan the Apple Mac's disk for duplicate files and delete them to recover lost space

What is wasting the most space on your Mac’s disk? It could it be duplicate files. Finding and deleting file duplicates is one way to recover disk space and there’s an app for that!

See how bad your iPhone battery really is using coconutBattery

Use coconutBattery on the Apple Mac to see the health of the iPhone and iPad battery.

Apple has confessed to slowing down the iPhone’s performance when the battery is old and weak, so how bad is your phone’s battery? Run coconutBattery on the Mac to get a detailed report.

How to fix sound problems on the Apple Mac and get it working again

Solve audio problems on the Apple Mac and get the sound working again with these top fixes.

When you have a problem with the sound on the Apple Mac, what can you do? Here are some suggestions and with a few tweaks and checks you should be able to get it working again fairly quickly.

Find lost passwords for Wi-Fi, websites and more on your Mac

If you have forgotten passwords on the Apple Mac, this method using Keychain Access can be used to retrieve them.

When connecting to Wi-Fi and browsing the web, macOS and Safari automatically log you into places so you don’t have to. This may cause you to forget login details, so here’s how to find them.

Zoho Writer for the Apple Mac is small in size but big on features

Writer for the Apple Mac is a word processor that works with online documents. It's a tiny app with lots of features.

When you think of office software, Microsoft Word springs to mind, quickly followed by Google Docs. What about Zoho though? Writer is one of many free apps from Zoho and it is just 2MB!

Safari secrets revealed on the Apple Mac for better browsing

Discover some of the lesser known features of Safari on the Apple Mac and where to get Safari Technology Preview. It's like a Safari beta

You might think you know everything about Safari, Apple’s web browser on the Mac, but there is more to it than meets the eye and here are some features you probably have not yet discovered.

Find out what is slowing down your Apple Mac and how to fix it

Find out what is causing the Apple Mac to slow down, such as auto-starting processes.

If your Mac suddenly starts slowing down, what is the cause and how do you fix it? There are several possible causes and you must do some detective work using built in and third party tools.

Convert video and audio files from one format to another

Convert video and audio files from one format to another with Smart Converter on the Apple Mac.

There are dozens of video and audio file formats and the Mac can play some, but not others. Even when they play on the Mac, they may not play on the iPhone or iPad. Here is the solution.

Is your Mac tracking your travels? See what it knows about you

Your Apple MacBook may secretly be recording your every move. Here is how to see what information it has stored.

Our every move is being tracked by something, someone, somewhere and you may be surprised by what is known about you. Your Apple Mac and iPhone for example, track your location. See what they know.

Problems with the Apple Reminders app and alternatives to Reminders

How tp print from the Apple Reminders app and alternatives to Apple Reminders.

Is Apple Reminders not working? That depends on what you are trying to do and if you tried to print a Reminders list you will have discovered there is no print option. What is the solution?

Switch to Quad 9 DNS to protect your Mac when using the internet

The security of your computer can be increasing by switching to a better DNS server, such as Quad 9

The Apple Mac is safer on the internet than some computers and it is immune to many threats, but it is not completely safe and there are still risks. Quad 9 DNS reduces those risks.


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