Add Bing Highlights extension to Safari for easy searches

Extensions can be added to the Safari web browser on the Apple Mac to add extra features or to make existing ones easier to use. There is a whole online gallery full of of them and one you might want to take a closer look at is Bing Highlights. It makes searching the web simpler.

Bing, of course, is Microsoft's search engine and it is pretty good. By adding Bing Highlights to Safari you can search for items on web pages with a couple of clicks of the mouse. This means that there is no need to type in the URL of a search engine, wait for the page to load, type in the search term and then wait for the results to appear.

When Bing Highlights is installed, you can click and drag over any text on a web page. A magnifying glass - search icon - appears next to it and clicking it displays a box containing search options. You can search for the selected text, but if the text is an address or a well-known place, you can also search for a map showing where it is located.

In this example, Windsor Castle was highlighted and the search icon clicked:

Bing Highlights for Safari

A search can be performed on the highlighted text - Windsor Castle - or you can search for a map. Clicking the map search link displayed a map of the castle and the surrounding area. If this was a foreign language website then it would be possible to get a translation for the selected text too.

To add Bing Highlights to Safari on the Apple Mac, go to the Safari menu and select Safari Extensions. It may be one of the highlighted extensions at the top of the page, but if not, go to the Categories menu and select the Search Tools category. Click the Install Now link.

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