Add a menu bar tool to view calendars and appointments on macOS

Add Itsycal to the menu bar on the Apple Mac and view and access Calendar appointments without opening the app itself. Itsycal is a great free utility.

The Calendar app on the Apple Mac is a useful tool and if you are a heavy user you might want to take a look at a simple free utility that makes it even more useful. Itsycal is a great add-on.

Have you noticed that the Calendar app icon in the Dock at the bottom of the screen changes every day? It shows the month and the day, and the app does not even need to be running.

It is useful to know. Now you can stop clicking the clock in the menu bar to see the date!

Apple Calendar is great, but there are a few minor irritations with it and one is that there is no way to quickly see a month calendar, such as to see what the day of the week your birthday falls on, or to check dates when you want to book a trip or holiday.

There is also no way to quickly see what appointments and other events are coming up this week. Calendar can be added to the Today view in the notifications panel that slides out at the right side of the screen, but it only shows today’s events. You might need to be reminded what is coming up later this week.

There is no quick way to create Calendar appointments and other events.

To see or do pretty much anything in Calendar, you have to have the app open on the desktop. Itsycal changes all that and this free Mac app adds a menu bar item that enables you to view calendars, see upcoming events, and create appointments. Calendar does not need to be running.

Install Itsycal on your Mac

Itsycal is not an App Store app and it must be downloaded from the developer’s website. Double click the zip file to extract the app and then drag it to the Applications folder.

The first time Itsycal is run, macOS warns that the app was downloaded from the internet and asks whether you really want to open it. Click Open. You will not be asked again.

Itsycal in the menu bar

When Itsycal is running, it displays an icon in the menu bar. The default is the current day. Click it and it shows this month’s calendar.

Itsycal free calendar app for the Apple Mac

  1. Drag this bar down to show two months at a time
  2. Pin the calendar so it is always visible on the screen
  3. Click the plus to add an appointment or event
  4. Open the Calendar app
  5. Open Itsycal preferences

Itsycal preferences

The Calendar app lets you create multiple calendars, such as for work and personal, and in Itsycal preferences is an option to choose which ones to display. Tick the boxes and events that are coming up in the next seven days are displayed.

Other preferences enable you to choose between light and dark themes and whether Sunday or Monday is the start of the week. It also allows days to be colour coded.

Here I select the dark theme, start the week on a Monday, added the day and month to the menu bar, and have highlighted the weekend in a different colour. You can also see the upcoming events this week in a list below the calendar.

Itsycal free calendar app for the Apple Mac

Create Calendar events

New events can be created by clicking the plus button and a small window opens that enables you to enter the title and location. Specific start and end times can be set or it can be an all-day event. Repeat and alert options can be selected too. The calendar to add it to can be selected. What more do you need?

Create a new calendar appointment using Itsycal for the Apple Mac

Itsycal is a tiny app that uses little disk space, memory or processor power, but it is a great add-on for the Calendar app. Set it to auto-start when you log in to your Mac and you will use the full Calendar app a lot less.

Title: Itsycal
Price: Free
By: Mowglii
Size: 1.7MB download / 3.4MB installed
macOS: 10.12 or later
Verdict: A useful tool for viewing calendars and making appointments.





This looks very handy, I'll have to try this out!

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