Add XMenu to the Mac’s menu bar for easy folder access

The Mac has many fantastic features and the ability to customise the menu bar by adding extra items is one of them. XMenu is a useful addition that provides some much needed features.

It is the sort of add-on that you will either find indispensable or you will not see the point of it. For some people it is a useful extra, but for others it isn’t. It is free in the Mac App Store, so it is worth trying to see if it fits in with the way that you work.

After installing it and running it for the first time, it adds a button to the right side of the menu bar. Normally menu bar extras are added to the left, but in XMenu you can choose the left or right in the preferences.

XMenu for OS X

The preferences is the first place to visit after installing XMenu. The default installation adds one button to the menu bar and this displays all the apps in the Applications folder. You might find it a useful and quick way to run apps.

The top item in the menu bar is XMenu and this leads to Preferences.

XMenu for OS X

There are five predefined menus and one user defined. Add the Documents menu and a Documents button is added to the menu bar. When it is clicked, it shows all the files and folders in your Documents folder. Selecting one is like clicking it in a Finder window.

Te rest of the options are concerned with how XMenu displays the menus, icons, files and folders. For example, there are big, small and no icons next to apps and files in the menus, unique folder icons or generic ones, the sort order for items and so on. There is an option to automatically start XMenu at login, so you do not need to manually run it every time.

XMenu for OS X

XMenu really just saves you having to open Finder windows and click through folders to find stuff.

Add and use snippets

Snippets are small text files and they can be anything, such as a standard letter, a common email reply, some code for a web page or app, and so on. To create snippets you must save the text as a plain text file in a special folder.

Hold down the Option key and click Go, Library to open a Finder window. Open Application Support, then Xmenu and finally Snippets. Save your text files here and they appear on the Snippets menu - Go to XMenu preferences and tick the Snippets option.

When a snippet is selected on the menu, it is as if it was typed in at the keyboard. Create a new document or email for example, click the Snippet icon in the menu bar and select a snippet. It is entered into the document or email. You could build up a library of useful snippets.

XMenu is simple, but some people will find it useful. Try it and see.

Title: XMenu 
Price: Free
Developer: DEVONtechnologies
Size: 1.7 MB
Version: 1.9.8
OS X: 10.6.8 or later


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