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Amazing things you never realised Siri on the Apple Mac could do
Use tags in Finder on the Mac to organise files and search for them
Get a VPN in your browser and secure the web to make it safer
How to share files from Apple iCloud using just your web browser
How to share files stored on iCloud with anyone, even non-Mac users
Fix your photos with Noise Reducer Pro for a clearer picture
Too many menu bar icons on your MacBook? Hide the unused ones
How to create application shortcuts to save time and effort in macOS
Momentum makes new tabs in Chrome more useful and beautiful
Be Focused is a task and time manager to make you more productive
Great apps to monitor your MacBook’s battery charge and condition
How to schedule your Mac to automatically shut down and wake up
How to customise the power settings from Terminal on the Mac
Brilliant ways to find files on a Mac with Spotlight and search
Get amazing live wallpaper and screensavers for your Mac desktop
How to sync bookmarks between Chrome and Safari on the Mac
Use iTunes to upload CDs to Google Play Music on the Apple Mac
How to access secret menus and functions in Safari on the Apple Mac
Schedule social shares from Safari on the Mac with extensions
Why you need to create a new user account on your Mac today!
Create fun photos and collages with Composure editor on the Mac
Access hidden Disk Utility commands using Terminal in macOS
Monitor the battery in your iPhone and iPad remotely on your Mac
7 tips to keep your Apple MacBook or iMac on top of its form
Can you trust Apple iCloud to keep your data safe or is it at risk?
How to tune in to internet radio on your Mac with iTunes and VLC
Automatically move and resize windows on the Apple Mac desktop
Upgrade Google Drive to Google Backup and Sync on Apple Mac
The best video players for the Apple Mac for watching movies
How to install macOS High Sierra on an external USB drive
Add a menu bar tool to view calendars and appointments on macOS
How to hide files and folders from Finder on the Apple Mac
How to download Microsoft Office for the Apple Mac for free
Lightweight alternatives to Apple Pages, Numbers and Keynote
How to create a Google Play Music desktop app for Mac in 5 mins!
What to do if you cannot access the internet on your Apple Mac
How to reset Safari on the Apple Mac and restore default settings
QuickTime editing functions you probably didn't know it could do
Search the web smarter with these free Safari extensions for Apple Mac
How to create custom Finder views in macOS on the Apple Mac
PhotoScape X is the best free photo editor you’ve never heard of
Essential tasks when you have bought a second-hand Apple Mac
Stop hackers, enable LastPass two factor authentication
How Mac Mail chooses which account you mail from and how to change it
Take control of your passwords and login details with KeePassXC
Dr. Unarchiver fixes one of the most irritating things in macOS
How to install and uninstall Java on macOS and why you need it
Apple Dictionary vs Google Dictionary - which is best for browsers?
Best web development tools for the Apple Mac for building websites
4 Safari extensions on the Apple Mac for blog and website owners


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