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How to reset Safari on the Apple Mac and restore default settings
QuickTime editing functions you probably didn't know it could do
Search the web smarter with these free Safari extensions for Apple Mac
How to create custom Finder views in macOS on the Apple Mac
PhotoScape X is the best free photo editor you’ve never heard of
Essential tasks when you have bought a second-hand Apple Mac
Stop hackers, enable LastPass two factor authentication
How Mac Mail chooses which account you mail from and how to change it
Take control of your passwords and login details with KeePassXC
Dr. Unarchiver fixes one of the most irritating things in macOS
How to install and uninstall Java on macOS and why you need it
Apple Dictionary vs Google Dictionary - which is best for browsers?
Best web development tools for the Apple Mac for building websites
4 Safari extensions on the Apple Mac for blog and website owners
How to use the bookmarks feature in Pages documents on the Mac
How to share files between an Apple Mac and a Windows PC the easy way
How to type any character on your Mac including symbols and accents
Uninstall apps and find app leftovers with this free Mac utility
How to create your own private cloud storage service using any computer
Apple macOS updates, combo updates, delta updates and other downloads
Choose between speed or reliability with UDP vs TCP internet connections
How to fix a Mac Time Machine failed backup
Use Preview on the Mac to resize and compress images for the web
Change file associations on the Mac for single or multiple files
How much does a VPN slow down the internet? Speed test results
Where are photos stored on MacBooks? Find photos on Mac
Send Messages read receipts only to selected contacts on macOS
Create an email alias with iCloud Mail and sort mail with rules
Monitor your Mac from your phone by streaming the webcam
6 Safari extensions that will increase productivity on your Mac
Disable AirDrop on the Mac for increased security in public
Annotate maps and email them to friends, contacts on the Apple Mac
6 best clipboard managers for the Apple Mac to boost productivity
Scams and Mac antivirus software - what you need to know
Boost Mac security with a VPN without installing any software
5 ways to browse the web privately using Safari on the Apple Mac
15 ways to increase the security of your Apple Mac
Mac Mail not recognising junk mail? Here’s what you need to do
Take control of notifications on the Mac and banish unwanted ones
How to access Safari’s hidden PDF features on the Apple Mac
Reduce Chrome memory usage on the Mac to speed up the browser
How and where to get your Mac repaired when a fault occurs
How to create Smart Folders in macOS to find and access files
Stop your MacBook Pro battery draining so fast with macOS Sierra
Replace the missing battery time remaining menubar indicator on the Mac
Add amazing effects to your photos with Polarr Photo Editor for Mac
How to stop apps starting automatically on the Mac for extra speed
How to convert PDF files to documents you can edit on the Mac
Store passwords in a secure vault with Avast Passwords for Mac
How to run Google Keep in a window on the desktop like a Mac app


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