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How to find and delete duplicate files on the Mac’s disk
Back up your iPhone and iPad to your Mac for before updating iOS
Speak your Calendar appointments to save typing them on the Mac
Hard Drive to SSD Cloning: Disk Utility or Clone Software
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Know your options when deleting user accounts on the Mac
How to uninstall Mac software properly and remove all traces
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Optimize your Mac hard drive with 3 old school tips
Take control of OS X updates - stop, hide, show, install them
Fix your Apple Mac's disk with a secret power tool
Make superb photo collages on your Mac with CollageFactory Free
How to access files on Android devices from your Mac
4 main reasons your computer slows down and how to fix it
Automatically deal with the trash and junk in Mac Mail
Have fun with your folders and customise them in Finder in OS X
The brilliant free online office suite that no-one talks about
XnConvert is the best image converter for the Mac by far
Finder secrets you probably don’t know about on the Apple Mac
Check files on your Mac for malware with VirusTotal
Why I use a Chromecast with my Mac instead of an Apple TV
Deal with email faster using smart responses on the Apple Mac
Get a new Mac and save hundreds in the Apple Store sale!
See your website on any device with Safari secret feature
Get a handy 3D Weather widget for your Apple Mac desktop
How to clean up Launchpad on the Apple Mac and remove apps
Speed up Google Chrome and your Apple Mac with these tweaks
mdworker and mds OSX problems solved - speed up your Mac
Best tips and tricks for Spotlight searches in OS X
How to customise the Launchpad screen in OS X on the Mac
Get more out of Quick Look on the Apple Mac
How to upgrade OS X on your Mac using a combo update
How to configure the share menu with the best options in OS X
Call up a handy keyboard assistant on the Apple Mac
Weather Dock free Mac app puts weather forecasts in the Dock
How to set Mac backgrounds for the login screen
Three ways to fix disk errors and repair permissions in OS X
How to avoid emailing the wrong person in Mac Mail
Pin tabs in Safari and save your favourite websites
Clean up your Mac and boost the speed with Dr Cleaner Elite
Review - Trend Micro App Cleaner for the Apple Mac
Preview web pages before you go there in Safari on the Mac
How to capture difficult screenshots on the Apple Mac
Stop Apple Mac Store annoyances with these tweaks
How to cover your tracks with Safari on the Mac
Power users - run apps with higher privileges on the Mac
Take control of notifications on OS X and organise them
Turn your Apple Mac into an aquarium with amazing fish
Close Safari tabs on iPhone and iPad from your Mac


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