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Stop Apple Mac Store annoyances with these tweaks
How to cover your tracks with Safari on the Mac
Power users - run apps with higher privileges on the Mac
Take control of notifications on OS X and organise them
Turn your Apple Mac into an aquarium with amazing fish
Close Safari tabs on iPhone and iPad from your Mac
Fix flaws in photos with the Mac's best free photo editor
Who or what has been accessing your iCloud account?
Avast vs Sophos Mac security apps on test
Macs under attack from growing malware threat
Clean your iPhone and iPad with iMyfone Umate
How to encrypt external hard drive on your Mac
How to manage the Trash on your Mac and get more disk space
Create photo collages for sharing using Fotor on the Mac
Fix Hot Corners and access useful functions on your Mac
Improve the battery health of your MacBook
LastPass Mac app puts a password manager on your desktop
Get started with Microsoft OneNote on the Apple Mac
Create and use libraries with Photos on the Apple Mac
Monitor the memory and battery in the menu bar on your Mac
Use the tools in Preview to edit photos on your Mac
Use Google two-factor authentication on the Apple Mac
Wunderlist - the best alternative to Reminders on the Mac?
Set Safari AutoFill email address preferences in OS X
Use new features in Mission Control in OS X
Grammarly on test - intelligently correct writing errors
Create your own system sounds for the Apple Mac
How to screenshot anything on the Mac including the Touch Bar
Reduce eyestrain with f.lux on your Apple Mac
Scan printed photos into the Photos app on your Apple Mac
Monitor the stock market and your investments on your Mac
iTunes music volume too low? Problem solved!
How to add vignette effects in Photos on the Apple Mac
How to solve problems with your Apple Mac
Is Disk Cleaner – The Best Cleanup App?
The really simple guide to Automator in OS X on the Mac
Top Safari tips for better browsing in OS X El Capitan
Show Instagram photos on new Safari tabs on your Mac
Stop Gmail downloading thousands of emails to Mac Mail
Create Mail rules to flag or colour email on the Mac
Get a free Mac clipboard manager and view your history
Remove Apple Mac malware with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Monitor internet usage with Bandwidth+ on the Apple Mac
Transfer files between a Mac and Samsung Galaxy S6
El Capitan gets a big upgrade - are you prepared?
Is iPhoto using up gigabytes of disk space on your Mac?
Get to know the new Disk Utility in OS X El Capitan
Boost productivity in El Capitan with a split screen
Are you using the best feature in OS X El Capitan?
5 things you must do before upgrading to El Capitan


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