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Automatic updates for OS X are unsafe! Disable them!
Apple launches thinner lighter MacBook
Take control of your Apple Mac's sounds
Add OneDrive online storage to your Mac
Manage passwords with 1Password
Print with System Dialog in Chrome on the Mac
Are Mac apps secretly monitoring your location?
Resizing vs resampling images in Preview
Calculate appointment travel times with Calendar
Clean junk from the disk with Ccleaner for a leaner cleaner Mac
Stop scammers, phishing and malicious websites hacking your Mac
Sharks vs Dolphins animated 3D action on your Mac
View and filter your Twitter feed in Safari
Use Safe Mode on your Mac to troubleshoot problems
Recover lost files on your Mac and other media
Take advantage of secret features in iTunes
Annotated images with an Actions extension in OS X Yosemite
Stop OS X leaking your personal information
Play 2048 as an OS X Notifications Center widget
Recover lost photos on on any media storage
Sweep the Mac’s disk clean and free up space
Delete files in OS X without sending them to the Trash
Is it time to protect your Apple Mac from Malware?
Is your Mac vulnerable to the NTP hack?
Save time and effort by dictating instead of typing
Monitor the Mac with MiniUsage menu bar tool
Use the powerful bulk file rename in Finder in macOS
Never miss another web site update with Safari RSS feeds
Is Simplenote the best notes app or is it too basic?
Who can see your Apple Mac’s Safari tabs?
Master the language features of Pages on the Mac
Customise Spotlight and solve indexing problems in OS X
Find and clean the junk on your Mac’s disk drive
Do you need a memory cleaner and are they helpful?
Count down to events in the Today view
Sign your name with the trackpad in OS X
Increase Safari security and privacy in macOS
Send and receive SMS text messages on your Mac
Essential tasks after installing OS X Yosemite
Clean install OS X Yosemite on your Apple Mac
What is ksfetch and how do you stop it?
Is your Mac infected with the iWorm malware?
2 utilities to analyse your Mac’s disk space
2 ways to make Finder more useful on the Apple Mac
3 free battery monitors for your MacBook
How hackers get celebrity naked photos from iCloud
Write like a pro using 1Checker to fix writing flaws
How to organise and clean up Launchpad on the Apple Mac
OS X Mail not showing notifications
Check your spelling and grammar automatically in emails


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