2 utilities to analyse your Mac’s disk space

Disk drives come in a variety of sizes and some Apple Macs have quite small drives. If you have an SSD (solid state disk), it is likely to have quite a limited capacity for storing files. Older Macs have small disk drives, even if they are traditional mechanical models. Anyone that has a small disk drive, or even a big disk with lots of files, will need to keep an eye on the space used and the remaining free space. Here are two utilities to di just that.

Disk Space

Disk Space is a free utility in the Mac App Store that displays a list of the internal disk drives that are inside the Mac and external disk drives that are plugged into it.

It is a simple tool and some say it is too simple, but it actually does the job you want and it is very easy to use. There are two menus on the left and you can view Disk Drives or Home Folders. The Disk Drives view shows exactly what you would expect and the drives are listed along with the used and free space. A bar shows visually how much of the disk drive is used and free.

Select Home Folders and, after selecting your home folder such as /Users/YourName, the folders it contains is displayed along with their size. You can click the folders and see the subfolders and the folders they contain.

Disk Space for OS X

The folders are sorted according to their size and this makes it easy to see where the disk space is being used the most. Once you know which folders are the biggest and are using the most disk space, you can open a Finder window and go and investigate, deleting files or moving them to external or online storage to make more free space on the Mac’s internal boot disk.

Disk Space for the Mac

Disk space is simple, it works and it is free. What more do you want?

Disk Space Tab

Disk Space Tab is an alternative version of the app and this adds an icon to the right side of the menu bar at the top of the screen on the Mac. Click it and it displays a list of the disk drives inside the Mac and connected externally. You can see the free space, used space and a bar indicating usage.

This menu bar app does not let you browse your home folders and it just displays the drives. Some people may find it convenient to have it in the menu bar where they can access it as and when they need it.

Show disk usage with Disk Space Tab

This version of Disk Space is even simpler than the first, but once again, it is free and it works. These are very small apps and they are 1.0MB and 0.6MB, so the disk space they used is negligible. You can install them both.





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