4 Safari extensions on the Apple Mac for blog and website owners

Best Safari browser extensions on the Apple Mac for web developers and bloggers. All are free and provide very useful information about sites and their visitors

Anyone that has a blog or a website, or is simply curious as to how other websites are built, will find these four Safari extensions invaluable. These free tools reveal other site’s secrets.

All the extensions used here have been tested on macOS Sierra and the current version of Safari. They will probably work with older versions of the OS too.

The safest place to download extensions from is the Apple-run extensions gallery. Click the Safari menu and select Extensions. All of these tools are free in the Developer category.

Find the extensions listed here and click the Install button. They add an icon to Safari’s toolbar.

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Fontface Ninja

Do you browse the web looking for inspiration for your website or blog? You should! Take a look at similar sites and see what is good and bad about them.

If you see a font on a website that looks great, you could use it on your own site, if only you knew what it was. Fontface Ninja tells you.

Fontface Ninja is a Safari extension on the Apple Mac that tells you what font is used on web pages

Click the Fontface Ninja button in Safari’s toolbar and when the mouse hovers over any text on the page, a small pop-up tells you the name of the font, the size and the line spacing.

You can instantly see what headline or body font is being used and its size. You will need to source the font if you want to use it yourself, but Google will tell you where you can find it.

This is a simple tool, but a useful one.


This extension is purely for analysing competitor’s website. You can learn quite a lot by analysing similar sites to your own. We have already seen how to discover what fonts they are using.

SimilarWeb tells you how popular a website is and where it gets its visitors from.

Go to a website you want to analyse and click the SimilarWeb button in the toolbar. A panel opens with tabs that show a wide range of information.

SimilarWeb extensions for Safari on the Apple Mac reveals visitor statistics for websites

The Overview tab shows the global ranking, which is a sort of league table with #1 being the most popular website on the internet. It shows the global rank, the US rank and the rank in the site’s category.

It also shows how many visitors it gets a month, the bounce rate, time spent on the site, how many pages each person views and so on.

The Sources tab shows where a site’s visitors come from, such as search, social media, email links and so on. The Social tab breaks down the visitors from social media by source, so you can see how many come from Facebook, Instagram, StumbleUpon and others.

If you have a similar website, it can show you where you need to focus your attention. For example, it might show you that there are a lot of visitors coming from Facebook, so you should target them with more of your time and effort in order to get more visitors.

This is a brilliant extension that displays valuable information. I should point out that the figures are estimates. They are educated guesses and they are not always accurate. The figures are often good enough to be useful though.

Theme and plugins detector for WordPress

This does exactly what the name says. When you are on a WordPress website, and there are millions of them, it tells you what the theme is and what plugins are installed.

This is very useful because you might see a theme used on another website that would look great on yours. Most themes are customisable, so you wouldn’t be copying the site even if you used the same theme.

Some themes are on thousands of websites, but you wouldn’t know it because they have different colours, graphics, titles and so on.

Theme and plugins detector for WordPress extension for Safari on the Apple Mac

Knowing which plugins a site uses gives you ideas for your own site. If you see some feature of another site, you can check what plugins it uses and install them on your own site. Many plugins are free of course.

Theme and plugins detector for WordPress does not work on sites that don’t use WordPress, like this one for example.


One of the most important tasks for any website or blog owner is to test that it works. Not just on your own computer, but on other people’s computers, phones and tablets.

Browserling is an extension that lets you choose which version of Windows, browser and browser version you want to use to view your site.

It has Windows XP up to 8.1, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers, and several versions of most of those.

Browserling extension for Safari on the Apple Mac lets you view websites as if you were using a different browser

This is useful for Mac users who might not otherwise be able to test their website on a Windows PC. You could select Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11 for example, which are still widely used. In fact, Windows 7 has a bigger market share than Windows 10.

Seeing what your site looks like to others is invaluable.





This is such great info. I just got a new mac and will have to check these out!!

Hi Roland, Happy to be here today. Glad to know about these amazing tools. These looks like very useful one for a blogger or for that matter any online user. Thanks for sharing this. I am bookmarking it for my use. Keep sharing Best Regards ~ Philip @PVAriel

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