Add amazing effects to your photos with Polarr Photo Editor for Mac

Free photo editor for the Apple Mac - Polarr Photo Editor reviewed

If your photos are dull and lifeless, Polarr Photo Editor for the Mac can make them look exciting with special effects, editing tools, filters, face detection and more. It is a brilliant tool!

The Photos app in macOS has features for enhancing your photographs and there are OK, but if you ever wished for more and better tools, take a look at Polarr Photo Editor.

The Lite version in the Mac App Store is free and the full app is reasonably priced for what is a powerful photo editing tool.

It isn’t like Photoshop and it offers a different set of tools that are more appealing to the casual photographer - ordinary folk that take loads of photos with their phone or digital camera.

Sometimes snapshots look great, but other times they’re a bit fuzzy, poorly exposed, lack detail, and so on. They need some work in a photo editor to make them look good.

Polarr Photo Editor can load photos from the disk or your Photos library and multiple images can be opened and stored in a tray. You can easily switch from one to another.

Polarr Photo Editor for the Apple Mac

The app contains a large collection of filters that apply effects to the image and they are similar to the sort of filters you get on phone apps. Most of the filters require the full app, but the free Lite version has 22. One click applies a filter, but a slider lets you adjust the strength of the effect.

Polarr Photo Editor for the Apple Mac

All changes made to photos are recorded and you can step back through the history to undo any changes.

The Adjustments panel has Vignette, HSL, Curves, Toning, Distort, Detail and Effects. These enable the image to be sharpened, the hue saturation and luminance to be adjusted, shadows and highlights to be adjusted, and so on. Effects include fringing, pixelate, diffuse, and grain.

There are more tools, such as Radial Mask, Gradient Mask, Colour Mask and Brush mask. These enable you can carry out more adjustments such as blur and exposure on selected parts of the image.

The Face tools are brilliant. Load an image that contains faces - head and shoulders portraits are best - and you can adjust the skin, teeth, eyes and lips.

The Face tools in Polarr Photo Editor for the Apple Mac

The amazing thing about these tools is that you don’t need to select anything. For example, if you want to whiten the teeth you simply drag the whitening or Brightness sliders. You don’t need to select the teeth and the app knows where the teeth are and selectively applies the effects.

Eye and lips can be adjusted in a similar way. There is no need to select anything and the app just does it. It works out where the eyes or lips are and applies the effect - brightness, saturation and clarity.

The Face tools in Polarr Photo Editor for the Apple Mac

The skin texture, tone, hue and smoothing can be adjusted in the same way. Just drag the sliders and the app applies the effects to the right parts of the image.

Polarr Photo Editor is a great tool for enhancing photos and it has a great range of features. The face tools are excellent and almost magical.

App: Polarr Photo Editor (Mac App Store)
Price: Free (Lite)
By: Polarr Inc.
Size: 36.3 MB
macOS: 10.10 or later
Verdict: An excellent photo editor that is cheap and packed with features.



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