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If you use the Contacts app on the Apple Mac, you will probably have taken the photos assigned to each contact for granted. They are what they are and that’s it. Well actually, no. You can apply interesting and entertaining special effects to them.

Contact photos do not need to be boring and if you or your friends have dull photos you can easily enahnce them and make them much more exciting. You can have a lot of fun with your contacts' photos.

Start by opening the Contacts app from the Dock or the Applications folder, and find and select a contact that you want to change. As the mouse passes over the contact’s photo (or placeholder if there is no photo), an edit message appears over it.

Contacts app in OS X

Click the contact's photo and a new window pops up and overlays the contact card. The options on the left side enable you to select a different photo, but we will stick with the one that is already assigned and apply a special effect. Mouse over the icon in the bottom right corner of the image and then click it.

Edit contact photos in OS X

There are six pages of special effects displayed as thumbnail images nine to a page. Use the controls at the bottom to browse these thumbnails. (They actually look like the effects from the Photo Booth app.)

Contact photo special effects in OS X

Click one of the thumbnail effects to select it and it is applied to the contact's photo. The zoom control can then be used to enlarge or shrink the photo to get the ideal image.

Edit contact photos in OS X

Here is the updated contact. You can click it again and apply another effect to it, building up a final image effect by effect.

Edit contact photos in OS X

If you decide not to keep this modified version of the contact’s photo, press Command+Z to undo each change that has been made and the photo will be returned to the original. See the blue border around the contact photo? This means that it is selected and pressing the Delete key will delete the photo completely.

As you can see, there is a lot more to the photo assigned to each contact and it is easy to apply special effects. Even so, you probably will not want to go through a couple of hundred contacts changing each one. Just apply the effects to a few special friends or relatives, or maybe just your own photo.



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