Be Focused is a task and time manager to make you more productive

Manage your time and tasks while working on your Apple Mac more efficiently with the Be Focused app. It uses the Pomodoro technique.

Be Focused is what might be called the offspring of the Pomodoro technique and a To-Do list manager. It enables you to work more efficiently and make better use of your time, while tracking tasks.

For those that have not heard of Pomodoro, it is a way of encouraging you to stay focused on work. Your time is divided into half hour blocks and you work for 25 minutes, then rest for 5, work then rest, and so on. It is very popular and many people use it.

Click and work

Be Focused is free in the Mac App Store and when it is run it adds an icon to the menu bar. Click the icon and a panel is displayed with a large 25 and a play button.

You can simply click the play button and as is usual with Pomodoro apps, it counts down 25 minutes. This is your work period and the time remaining is shown in the menu bar. There is a notification when it reaches zero and you are then prompted to relax and take a break for five minutes.

After your break, which is timed, you can then start another 25 minute work session. And so it goes on for as long as you want. Work 25 mins, relax for 5, work for 25, relax for 5...

Be Focused Pomodoro timer for Apple Mac gets you working in 25 minute sessions

It is strange, but somehow the Pomodoro technique enables you to work harder and get more done because you are more focused. Those five minute breaks are welcome and give you time to rest, go get a drink or just look elsewhere instead of staring at the computer screen.

Tasks and to-do lists

Be Focused is more than a countdown timer and you can add tasks and to-dos to the app. You can then select a task from a list and start the timer to record a work session.

Be Focused manager your to-do list and tasks for Apple Mac

Many tasks can be added to Be Focused and the app tracks how much time you spend working on each one. Of course, it is up to you to select the task and start the timer, and sometimes you might forget.

However, if you can remember to use the app, it is great for tracking the time spent on tasks or work projects. It could even be used as a basis for billing for those people that charge for their time. Each time you select a task and start the timer, it gets added to the total time for that task.

Tasks have a Done button that can be used to dismiss them when they are completed, as with all to-do list managers. You don’t have to use the timer and you could just use the app to create a to-do list and tick them off when they are done. It is more useful when you time them though.

The app has a reports feature that enables you to see the total time spent on all tasks forever, but it is more useful when you use the filters to select a particular task and time period.

Be Focused app for the Apple Mac reports feature

For example, all your tasks are listed and you could select a specific one to see how much time you have spent on it in the last week, this month or last month, the whole year and so on. There is no print option, which would be useful.

Customise the timers

The settings enable you to customise the Pomodoro timer and you can choose the length of time for work, short breaks, long breaks, the target number of Pomodoros for the day, and other items.

Customise the Pomodoro settings in Be Focused on the Apple Mac

The ads in the free version are tiny and don't spoil your enjoyment. The Pro version has a few extra features, but most importantly, it syncs with the iPhone and iPad versions of the app.

App: Be Focused 
Price: Free (ads) / $4.99 (Pro version)
By: Denys Yevenko
Size: 11.4MB
macOS: 10.9 or later
Verdict: A great app for boosting productivity and time tracking.



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