Boost productivity in El Capitan with a split screen


There is a new feature in El Capitan that could help you get more work done by banishing irritating distractions from the screen. It goes one step better than full screen view.

When you are working on more than one applications at once, the other windows on the screen can be distracting. One problem is that windows overlap and the screen looks cluttered. Switching from one app window to another is an irritation. This is much worse on MacBooks of course, because of their small screens. An iMac has the screen space to let spread your apps out. Even so, multiple windows can be distracting.

The original solution was full screen mode. By clicking the green button in the corner of an application window, it was maximised to fill the whole screen. Even the menu bar disappeared. This is a great way of working if you want to focus exclusively on one application and to ignore all others until you have completed whatever task you are doing.

Sometimes though, you need to work on two applications at once. For example, you might be typing a report or document into a word processor and have Safari open so you can look things up on the web and research the topic you are writing about.

Two applications open side by side can boost your work rate by focusing your attention on the task in hand. El Capitan lets you do exactly what you want. Of course you always could open two apps side by side, but now they can be in distraction-free full-screen mode. No dock, no menu bar, just two apps side by side.

There are two ways to achieve this and one is to long press on the green button in the top left corner of the app window. The left side of the screen is highlighted and the app can be automatically resized to fill the left half of the screen. It can also be dragged over to the right side if you want it there.

El Capitan split screen

The remaining app windows are displayed as large thumbnail images. This is so you can choose the one you want to open in the other half of the screen. Click on (not all windows can do this, but most can). The result is two apps splitting the screen into two halves. No dock or menu or other app windows to distract you.

El Capitan split screen

The black bar down the middle that separates the two apps can be clicked and dragged to the left or right. This resizes the windows, so they don’t have to be equal. One could occupy two thirds of the screen and the other could occupy one third.

Push the mouse up to the top of the screen and the menu bar and window title bars appear. The green button can be clicked again to return to normal window mode.

El Capitan split screen

Two apps can be set up to share the screen using Mission Control too. Click the icon in the Dock or press the Mission Control key on the keyboard to display the desktops and windows. When an app is full screen on one of the desktops, a second app’s thumbnail can be dragged and dropped on it to make both apps split the screen in half.

Mission Control in El Capitan

It is easy and convenient.



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