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Websites come and go, web pages move or are deleted and as a result of this, links on your website stop working. Integrity is a free Apple Mac app that checks your website for these dead links and shows where they are.

Every website has bad links and it is inevitable and there are two types, internal and external. You have no control over external links to other websites and links go bad when the website owner abandons the site or they take down or move the page you were linking to.

It happens and the only thing you can do is to update the page on your own site. You might be able to find where the website has moved the page to and update the link on your own page with the new URL. If the site or page has been deleted then look for an alternative site or page, or remove the dead link.

An internal link that has stopped working is your own fault, but again, it happens. You move a page on your own site or delete a page, but forget that you have linked to it from elsewhere on your site.

Obviously when moving pages or deleting them you try to find all the places it is referred to, but sometimes you miss a link and it then becomes a bad one that no longer works. Having a lot of bad links on your website could put off visitors because they lose confidence in your site and it might also affect its ranking in Google searches.

Integrity is a simple app for the Apple Mac that enables you to find pages on your website that have bad links. It is very easy to use and although there are a few configuration options, most people will not need to change anything. Just enter the website URL in the box at the top and click Go.

Integrity link checker for OS X

Integrity link checker for OS X

It is fast and crawling this site took around a minute. Even quite large sites can be processed in 10 minutes or so.

When the site has been analysed clicking the Bad links only button in the top left corner of the window shows the pages on your site with links that do not work highlighted in red. Fixing them is up to you. Log in with WordPress or whatever content management system you use or website software on your Mac, go to the page and edit the link.

Integrity link checker for OS X

Integrity link checker for OS X

Integrity can be downloaded from the Mac App Store or directly from the developer’s website ( Check out Integrity Plus and Scrutiny if you need even more website checking features.

Title: Integrity
Price: Free
Developer: PeacockMedia
Size: 4.2 MB
Version: 5.0.11
OS X: 10.6 or later, 64-bit CPU
Verdict: A great freebie for anyone with a website or blog



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