Clean up your Mac and boost the speed with Dr Cleaner Elite

Clean up, sweep up, scrub and polish to make like new

We all want a faster computer, especially when it it old and not quite the latest specification, but what can you do? Dr. Cleaner Elite can help speed up your Mac by cleaning and optimising.

This is not the popular Dr. Cleaner from Trend Micro, it is Dr. Cleaner Elite, also by Trend Micro, and it does the same job. That is confusing.

The latest version of Dr. Cleaner is 2.3.1, but the Elite edition is 3.0.2, so perhaps it is the same program, but it has undergone a name change and interface redesign in going from v2 to v3. Trend Micro’s website only mentions Dr. Cleaner and not the Elite edition.

Confusion aside, this is a useful tool for anyone that wants to cleanup their Mac and optimise computer performance.

It does this in two ways and it boosts memory and it finds and deletes junk files.

Dr. Cleaner Elite is a menu bar extra and it displays the current memory usage, so you can keep an eye on it. Click the menu bar display and a window opens that has four information areas.

Dr. Cleaner Elite for the Apple Mac optimises memory and cleans up junk files

Memory usage shows the amount of memory used as a figure and also as a graphic. The circle fills up with what looks like water, which gently sloshes about. An Optimize button is used to free up memory.

Memory optimiser apps like Dr. Cleaner Elite get more free RAM by juggling cached files, the swap file and compressed memory. It makes space to load and run another large app, but at the expense of apps in the background or minimised, which might be slower to switch to and bring to the front.

Junk Files shows how much junk there is on the disk drive. The Clean button can be used to clean up the disk and it does this by deleting application caches and logs, Mail caches, and iTunes temporary files.

Caches are useful because they aim to speed up disk access, but when you are short of disk space then clearing them can gain valuable disk space, at least temporarily until the caches fill up again, which is inevitable sooner or later.

Bear in mind that some apps slow down if you clear the junk on the disk. However, if you are struggling with lack of space on a small SSD it can help to keep on top of the junk files and to regularly clear them.

Click the arrow next to Junk Files and the information window changes. It shows the free space on the Mac’s disk and the total disk size. The usage is broken down into categories - applications, photos, audio, movies and others.

Dr. Cleaner Elite for the Apple Mac optimises memory and cleans up junk files

Dr. Cleaner Elite for the Apple Mac showing the junk files it can clean

The Deep Clean button opens a new window and in this the junk files can be browsed. Using tick boxes, you can choose which items are erased or kept.

A Big Files utility scans the disk and lists the largest files in categories like archives, documents, audio, photos and video. The idea is that you can find what is using up all the space on the disk and delete it.

Dr. Cleaner Elite for the Apple Mac finds big files on the disk drive so you can delete them

The trouble with utilities like this is that all the bit files on my disk are ones I want to keep, such as videos, .iso CD/DVD images, virtual machines, and so on.

You can find and view duplicate files, but you must download another utility to actually remove them. Alternatively, you could use Finder to delete them.

An extra couple of items in the Dr. Cleaner Elite window are useful and these are the CPU usage and network usage monitors. These are displayed in numbers and live scrolling charts.

Dr. Cleaner Elite for the Apple Mac optimises memory and cleans up junk files

Dr. Cleaner Elite is like Dr. Cleaner with a new interface and new features. If you like the old app, you will like this new updated one.

Title: Dr. Cleaner Elite (Mac App Store)
Price: Free
Seller: Trend Micro
Size: 6 MB
OS X: 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
Verdict: A useful free app for clearing junk and memory.



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