Clear junk from your Mac's disks with CleanMyDrive

Over time, disk drives accumulate junk files and these consume valuable space that could be used for more useful purposes. The junk files are not obvious and you won't find them easily in Finder windows, so it is not easy to keep a disk clean and healthy. However, there are utilities, such as CleanMyDrive, that makes keeping a disk clean a very simple process.

The sorts of files that can be classed as junk include .ds_store, .spotlight, .thumbs.db, deleted files that are in the Trash, and so on. None of these is important and it is safe to delete them.

CleanMyDrive is a free utility for OS X (my favourite sort), that adds an icon to the menu bar. When an external disk or USB flash memory drive is plugged into the Mac, it asks if you want to 'Keep it clean from junk on unmount'.

CleanMyDrive for OS X

Click Yes and when the disk is unmounted, CleanMyDrive springs into action and deletes the junk first. This recovers lost disk space that is then available the next time you use the disk.

CleanMyDrive does not clean the Apple Mac’s internal boot disk, Windows Bootcamp partition, or a disk or partition that is being used for Time Machine backups. This means that it won’t delete anything that might be considered important.

Click the button in the menu bar at the top of the screen and a nice display of the drives attached to the Mac appears. This shows the space being used for files, the space free remaining, and junk (the red bit in the usage bar is the junk).

CleanMyDrive for OS X drive listing

Click the three dots at the left side of a disk drive and it slides right to show the auto-clean no/yes option. Hovering the mouse over the junk space figure next to a drive changes it to a Clean button, so you can manually clean disks any time you want. There is an option to automatically run CleanMyDrive on startup or you can run it manually from the Applications folder.

CleanMyDrive is a very simple app that does its intended job well. You do need to remember that files deleted on external drives are erased and cannot be recovered though. This does not affect files moved to the Trash from the Mac's internal disk, only external USB drives and USB flash memory drives.

Product: CleanMyDrive
Company: MacPaw
Size: 6MB
OS X: 10.7 or better
Score: 4/5





I'm searching for this type of junk cleaner over App store and happy to found the Tweak and Tuneup. One Click Cleaning feature of Tweak and Tuneup makes the process of performing multiple cleaning tasks easy and saves my time. I tried it, worked perfect for me and the interface is very user friendly. Importantly it's a free app. Find it here on App Store:

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