Count down to events in the Today view

Do you know the answer to these questions off the top of your head: How many days are there until the end of the month? Your next holiday? Your birthday or anniversary? Even if you are good with dates, these questions are hard to answer. Would you like to know? The Countdowns widget shows the answer to these and more in the Today view in OS X Yosemite notifications on the Apple Mac.

This is a great little utility and it is a really basic and simple app, but that is what makes it so god. There are no distractions and only the features you need. The free version of Countdowns allows you to count down to events up to 30 days in advance, but the paid version allows you to enter any date. The in-app-purchase upgrade is really cheap too.

There are two ways to add an event to Countdowns and you can start the app, click the plus button in the top right corner of the window and then set the date using the calendar that is displayed. There is an option to include the time and this could be useful for counting down to a sporting event, meeting, flight and so on.

Countdowns for OS X

Click the Notification Center icon at the right side of the menu bar, select the Today tab at the top and click the Edit button at the bottom.

Notification Center

(After installing apps that can display information in the Today View, the Edit button changes to 1 New, 2 New and so on, to indicate that new apps have been added and require your attention. Normally it just says Edit.)

The Notification Center expands and on the right side is a list of apps that are not currently displayed in the  Today view. Click the green plus button to add Countdowns. It is added to the left side. Click the Done button at the bottom.

Today view in Notification Center

The second way to add new Countdowns events is to mouse over Countdowns in the Today view and click the i button that appears on the right. This shows an Add entry under the last item.

Countdowns Today widget

Click the plus button to add a new event. Enter a title, set the date and optionally the time, and click the Add button.

Countdowns Today widget for the Notification Center

Countdowns is a perfect addition to the Today screen. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you will find an iOS version that does the same job.

Countdowns Today widget



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