Create location-based reminders

The Mac's Reminders app is useful for creating lists of things to do, such as tasks, jobs, projects, even shopping lists. You can easily enter one or more items with tick boxes and then tick them off when they are done. You can go further though, and use Reminders to remind you to do something at a specific location.

When you arrive or leave a location, Reminders pops up and shows you the task or tasks you need to do.

Location-based reminders are really useful and they can be used by people that travel with a MacBook, so you can remind yourself to do something when you get home, or to work, or wherever you are travelling to.

They can also be used by people with more than one Mac, such as one at home and one at work. Reminders are synced with your iCloud account, so providing you sign in to iCloud with the same account at home and at work, you will see the reminder.

Let's take a look at Reminders on the Mac. I will be using OS X Mavericks for this, but it works exactly the same on Yosemite too. The only difference is that the dark Reminders theme is now a light colour.

Start by open Reminders from the Dock or the Applications folder and select a Reminders list on the left. Click on the right and type in the reminder.

Notice the i button just to the right of the reminder. Click it and a box opens with extra options. Tick At a Location and Reminders will automatically work out your current location and set it.

If you have not used this feature before, you will see a message asking if Reminders can use the location services provided by OS X. Click OK. (You’ll see a location/GPS arrow in the menu bar.)

Any address or partial address can be entered into the location box and you could use a post code or zip code, a full address, and so on. Do you want to be reminded when you arrive or leave the location? Select the appropriate option. Click Done and that’s it.

When you arrive at the location, or when OS X detects that you have left one, the reminder will appear in the top right corner of the screen where notifications are displayed.

This is a very useful feature and you can use it to remind you to do something when you arrive and leave places. Don't forget that Reminders syncs with iCloud and with your iPhone, so you will see reminders even when your Mac is switched off.



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