Cut the clutter from YouTube and get a clearer view Videos for YouTubeYouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet and Google has put a lot of effort into creating an attractive and easy-to-use interface, but does it work for you? Could it be better? Are there too many distractions on the page?

If you like YouTube, but want to remove the clutter and focus on the great videos, there is a useful Safari extension called Videos for YouTube.

To get this free browser extension, first start Safari and then go to the Safari menu and click Safari Extensions. The extensions website is displayed in the browser window and Videos for YouTube was on the home page along with other featured extensions when I visited the site. It is also in the Entertainment category too. Just click the Install Now link and in a second or two it is ready to use.

Here is a typical web page on YouTube. Notice all the page elements such as the comments below, the play list on the right, the advertising banner, and the related videos list below.

Cleaner YouTube pages

And here is the same URL after installing the Safari extension:

Cleaner YouTube design

The idea is that you can watch the video on YouTube without all the distracting clutter than normally appears on the web page. Here is the new cleaner YouTube home page with more white space than you normally get. White space is good.

Clearer YouTube pages

The only problem is that there isn’t an easy way to switch the extension on and off. It would be useful to have a toolbar button or keyboard shortcut. To make changes to the extension, go to Safari, Preferences and then select the Extensions tab. Videos for YouTube settings

There is a tick box to enable it, and tick boxes for various options, such as showing subscriptions, comments and so on. The design of a web page could change at any time and this is a problem for extensions like this. Will it cope or not?

It works for now and extensions are easy to remove it you every tire of them, so give it a go and try a cleaner YouTube.



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