Is Disk Cleaner – The Best Cleanup App?

Among the top free utilities in the Mac App Store is Disk Cleaner – The Best Cleanup App. The name makes a bold claim and that is one worth investigating. Cleanup apps that free up disk space are always useful.

This free app from HALFBIT (the name is app capitals for some reason), is just 1.5MB and so it downloads and installs in no time at all.

When it runs, it displays two tabs and there is Disk Cleaner and Uninstaller. On the Disk Cleaner tab are items that can be cleaned to free up disk space organised into categories. There are application caches, application logs, browser data, Trash Can, Downloads and a few more.

Application caches can grow quite big and they amounted to 1.3GB on the Mac the app was tested on. If your Mac’s disk is seriously short of disk space then clearing them could make a significant difference, at least until the caches fill up again. Some SSDs are quite small and are easily filled, so this can temporarily help free up space.

Disk Cleaner for OS X

If you have a big disk drive then caches are best left alone. They are designed to speed up applications and clearing them could slow them down. However, on rare occasions poblems with applications can be caused by corrupt caches and clearing them could fix the problems. So you really have to weigh up the pros and cons - keep them for speed, or clear them for space and possibly fix problems.

Some of the items Disk Cleaner offers to clear are either so simple you can do it yourself, such as the Trash folder, or you might want to keep the files, such as items in the Downloads folder. Disk Cleanup is useful for pointing out the size of the Trash, Downloads and so on. You might not realise how big they have grown. I would rather go into Downloads and choose what to delete and keep, an dyou never know if there is a file in the Trash that you might need one day. So again you must decide whether to keep or clear these items.

There is a facility to view files organised into groups by size, such as those more than 10GB, 5 to 10GB, 3 to 5GB and so on. Each section can be expanded to show the files. I know there are big files and I know what they are for and I don’t want to delete them, so I did not find this particularly useful. It showed files like virtual machines, downloaded movies in iTunes and so on. They are not junk and cannot be cleared. It also showed some big files with obscure names and it isn’t a good idea to delete files if you don’t know what they are because they could be important system files.

Disk Cleaner for Apple Mac

If you are in the habit of downloading or creating big files that you don’t need and then forgetting about them, this could be a useful function. I keep a tidy disk and most of the big files are important. I probably have a zillion small ones that are not needed, but then they don’t take up much space.

The Uninstaller tab displays a list of apps that are installed. Each app can be expanded to show not only the app file itself, but additional hidden files stored elsewhere on the disk. Apps can be selected and uninstalled. The weird thing is that the app file in the Applications folder is not deleted, but the additional hidden files stored elsewhere are. You must drag the app from the Applications folder to the Trash yourself after uninstalling it in Disk Cleaner. Perhaps this is because it does not have administrator permission and it is a flaw in the uninstaller.

Disk Cleaner for OS X

Comparing the hidden files found with my usual uninstaller, AppCleaner, showed that Disk Cleaner missed files and sometimes it does not remove everything. AppCleaner is better.

Disk Cleaner – The Best Cleanup App is not perfect. The disk cleaner is OK and it has some uses, such as clearing caches, should you need to, but the uninstaller could be better. It is free, so go ahead and install it from the Mac App Store, but be careful to check what you are deleting before you delete it, or you might delete something you want to keep.




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