FonePaw helps recover lost data and files from an iPhone

Disasters sometimes strike no matter how careful you are and you could find yourself in a situation where your iOS device is lost or broken. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery can help.

It isn’t just for stolen or broken devices and this file recovery software can be used, for example, if you accidentally delete a photo or text message and want to recover it.

Although FonePaw’s data recovery software has iPhone in the name, it actually works with most recent iOS devices, including the iPhone 4/5/6 and up, iPad 2/4/Air, iPod Touch 4/5 and so on. There is very little iOS hardware that it does not work with.

The app can recover nine types of text, such as contacts, call history, messages, reminders, WhatsApp messages, and Safari Bookmarks. It also supports 10 media types, including the Camera Roll, message attachments, WhatsApp attachments, Voice Memos and more.

The software runs on Windows and OS X and I tried the Mac version, but it should work just as well on Windows PCs.

The FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery app is straightforward to use and there are three options. The first option assumes that your Phone, iPad or iPod is OK or at least partly functional and can be plugged into the computer. The app can then try to recover files and information directly from it. This is useful if you need to recover accidentally deleted files.

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

The left-hand panel shows the categories of items that can be recovered and the number of items they contain. Select a category and you can view the list of items, select them and see the photos, files or information.

I deleted a note on my iPhone, scanned it and it was displayed by the app. I could not actually recover it because I am only running the free trial downloaded from the website. It lets you see what can be recovered without actually saving it. If the app can display it on the screen then there should be no problems in saving the file or data. It would actually be a good idea to test that it does what you want it to do before buying it, so you can confirm that it can recover whatever you want to recover.

The second option with the app can be used if you plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into the computer occasionally and use the backup facility in iTunes. iPhone Data Recover can pull data out of the backup. This is very useful in situations where the device is lost, stolen or broken. If you cannot plug it in, you can scan the last backup made and pull the data out of it.

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

As far as I could tell with the trial version, it worked fine. It scanned my iPhone backup and showed all the data. You have to buy the app to actually save the data, but I would feel confident enough to purchase this based on what I saw.

The third option is for devices that back up to iCloud. This is often the case these days and the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will upload everything and store it in iCloud daily, or when you charge it up and there is a Wi-Fi connection.

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

iPhone Data Recovery can access your iCloud account and list the backups stored there. Yu can select any of the backups for any device and download it. It can then be accessed and data can be recovered.

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

This app looks perfect for recovering from both minor and major disasters with your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. I couldn’t test the actual recovery, but the previews displayed in the app were fine. If you have lost your iOS device, files, photos messages, notes and more, check out FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery. It works with up to six devices.

Title: iPhone Data Recovery 
Developer: FonePaw
Price: $79.95
Size: 67MB
OS X: 10.7 and later





its doesnt recover the notes, only the title

<p>It would be surprising if it did not recover notes because I could view them on the screen. Your problem might be specific to a particular note you tried to recover and not a general problem.</p>

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