Get a free Mac clipboard manager and view your history

What is the most used feature on your Apple Mac? Could it be the clipboard? Power up the OS X clipboard with a utility to manage it and view clipboard history.

Copy and paste is used all the time and you probably dont think about it because it just works. The question is, could it work better? Perhaps it could.

The problem is that there is only one clipboard and this imposes limitations on how it can be used. Often we end up using a note-taking app when we want to remember multiple items, such as the Notes app bundled with OS X or a third party utility like Evernote.

Sometimes people even open a new document window beside the one they are working on just so they can store multiple items. 

All this can be avoided and the solution is to boost the power of the OS X clipboard by increasing the number of items that it cam store. When it is possible to store as many items on the clipboard as you need, note taking apps are required much less and this means that they dont fill up with items you no longer need so quickly.

The Mac clipboard manager ClipDoubler Free is a very useful tool for people that make heavy use of the clipboard and need to store multiple items. It not only stores as many items as you want, it enables you to view the OS X clipboard history too.

You can see all the items you copied to the clipboard and any of them can be selected used again.

ClipDoubler Free is an app and this means that it only works when you want it to. Start the app and it runs in the background as you do something else, such as write a report, create a document, browse the web and so on. Any time you copy something, ClipDoubler grabs it and opens a little window. It appears underneath other windows so it doesnt get in the way of what you are doing.

ClipDoubler clipboard manager for Apple Mac

Each new copy of text, images, URLs, and so on, appears in its own mini window and the result is a stack of windows showing each item you have copied. Whichever window is on top is the item that is pasted in whatever application you are using.

The last thing you copied to the clipboard is always the top window and so this is the default used when pasting, but you can click any window in your clipboard history to bring it to the top and then it becomes the current item that is pasted.

This is a very simple way of managing the clipboard and selecting which item to copy. The clipboard works exactly as it always did, but you also have the option to re-use something you copied earlier if you need to.

You can end up with a lot of clipboard windows, which isnt a problem if you have an iMac with a big screen, but it can be with a MacBook where the desktop space is limited. The best way to use it on a MacBook is to create another desktop, either for the application you are using or for ClipDoubler. There is an option to tile the clipboards and this creates a grid of them covering the screen. It is a handy way to see all the things you have copied and to select from your history.

This clipboard manager has a few more useful tricks and if there is text on the clipboard, there is a range of functions for manipulating the text in various ways. For example, it can be made all uppercase or all lowercase, words or sentences can be capitalised, white space can be removed, line breaks can be added or removed, and more.

ClipDoubler clipboard manager for Apple Mac

The clipboards can be saved to disk and reloaded, and there is an option to automatically save clipboards when the app quits. This enables you to copy things today and re-use them tomorrow, next week or whenever you need them.

There is $4.99 version of this app and it was hard to find the differences between the free and paid versions, but it looks like the freebie is limited to 10 clipboards whereas the paid version has no limit.

ClipDoubler is a very useful tool that can be enabled as and when needed. Try the free version and upgrade the to full one if you need more clipboards.

Title: ClipDoubler Free 
Price: Free
Developer: Northern Softworks
Size: 2.5 MB
Version: 1.2.2
OS X: 10.6.6 or later
Verdict: An essential tool for anyone that needs to copy and paste multiple items.



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