Get a handy 3D Weather widget for your Apple Mac desktop

Get a weather forecast for your desktop computer and don't be caught out in a shower

OS X, soon to be called macOS, has some weather forecasting ability, but it is very limited. The Today widget provides some information, but 3D Weather Free is far superior and a great app.

3D Weather places an attractive widget on the desktop that shows a graphic image of mountain and surrounding fields. The weather is animated and there is sun, clouds, rain and so on.

Basic weather information is displayed on the right side of the widget, such as the temperature and the current weather conditions. Below the widget is a bar with forecast information, such as a warning of rain later.

3D Weather Free app for the Apple Mac OS X
Actual size

The size of the desktop widget can be selected in the preferences and there are several to choose from, from small to large. Its transparency can be set and you can drag it anywhere on the desktop that is convenient.

That isn’t all 3D Weather Free does and it barely scratches the surface of its capabilities. There is a lot more to discover about the weather by clicking the widget. This opens a panel that displays the humidity, dew point, wind chill, visibility, wind speed, sunrise and sunset times and several more items.

3D Weather Free app for the Apple Mac OS X
A larger view

The Hourly tab provides a mini forecast for each of the next 24 hours, so you can see exactly when the sun will come out or when it will rain. There is also a Daily tab that provides forecasts for today and the next three days.

3D Weather Free app for the Apple Mac OS X

The side panel

There is even more and clicking the Full button in the panel opens a window on the desktop to display detailed information from Weather Underground. This is one of the best weather forecasting services around and there is a huge amount of data for anyone interested in the forecast for the next few days.

You can see the temperature rising and falling each day, the chance of rain or snow, the amount of rain expected, the average historical temperatures, data from nearby weather stations run by enthusiasts, a calendar showing a forecast for each day for the current month, radar and other maps, and so on. If you have not seen Weather Underground information before, you will be amazed at the quantity and quality of the data.

3D Weather Free app for the Apple Mac OS X
Information from Weather Underground

3D Weather Free has a lot of options in the preferences and the app can be configured in many ways. For example, it can be set to run on startup, it show or hide the Dock icon, it can show the weather on the Dock icon, you can add multiple locations, choose the temperature scale, show or hide notifications, and much more.

The number of options and the amount of weather forecast data is excellent for a free app, but if you need more then upgrading to the paid app (US $4.99 / UK £3.99) provides even more features. For example, instead of just one graphic scene for the widget, you can choose from several others, instead of just two weather forecast locations, you can add many more locations.

3D Weather Free is a great app and the only problem I had was that it sometimes unexpectedly quit for no apparent reason. It is recommended. Find it in the Mac App Store.

Title: 3D Weather Free (Mac App store)
Price: Free
Developer: Inspiring-Life Technologies Private Limited
Size: 14.5 MB
OS X: 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
Verdict: A great weather forecast widget for your desktop



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